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gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo Struct Reference

#include <tage_base.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo:
gem5::branch_prediction::MPP_TAGE::BranchInfo gem5::branch_prediction::TAGE_SC_L_TAGE::BranchInfo

Public Member Functions

 BranchInfo (const TAGEBase &tage)
virtual ~BranchInfo ()

Public Attributes

int pathHist
int ptGhist
int hitBank
int hitBankIndex
int altBank
int altBankIndex
int bimodalIndex
bool tagePred
bool altTaken
bool condBranch
bool longestMatchPred
bool pseudoNewAlloc
Addr branchPC
int * storage
int * tableIndices
int * tableTags
int * ci
int * ct0
int * ct1
unsigned provider

Detailed Description

Definition at line 128 of file tage_base.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BranchInfo()

gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::BranchInfo ( const TAGEBase tage)

◆ ~BranchInfo()

virtual gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::~BranchInfo ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ altBank

int gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::altBank

Definition at line 134 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ altBankIndex

int gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::altBankIndex

Definition at line 135 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ altTaken

bool gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::altTaken

Definition at line 139 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ bimodalIndex

int gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::bimodalIndex

Definition at line 136 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ branchPC

Addr gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::branchPC

Definition at line 143 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ ci

int* gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::ci

Definition at line 154 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by BranchInfo().

◆ condBranch

bool gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::condBranch

Definition at line 140 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by gem5::branch_prediction::TAGE_SC_L::update().

◆ ct0

int* gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::ct0

Definition at line 155 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by BranchInfo().

◆ ct1

int* gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::ct1

Definition at line 156 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by BranchInfo().

◆ hitBank

int gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::hitBank

Definition at line 132 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by gem5::branch_prediction::TAGE_SC_L::predict().

◆ hitBankIndex

int gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::hitBankIndex

Definition at line 133 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by gem5::branch_prediction::TAGE_SC_L::predict().

◆ longestMatchPred

bool gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::longestMatchPred

Definition at line 141 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ pathHist

int gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::pathHist

Definition at line 130 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ provider

unsigned gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::provider

Definition at line 159 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ pseudoNewAlloc

bool gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::pseudoNewAlloc

Definition at line 142 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ ptGhist

int gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::ptGhist

Definition at line 131 of file tage_base.hh.

◆ storage

int* gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::storage

Definition at line 148 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by BranchInfo(), and ~BranchInfo().

◆ tableIndices

int* gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::tableIndices

Definition at line 152 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by BranchInfo().

◆ tableTags

int* gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::tableTags

Definition at line 153 of file tage_base.hh.

Referenced by BranchInfo().

◆ tagePred

bool gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::BranchInfo::tagePred

Definition at line 138 of file tage_base.hh.

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