gem5  v20.1.0.0
ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >, including all inherited members.

addr() constProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
as()ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
asConst() constProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
dataProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >private
dirtyProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >private
flush(bool force=false)ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
getProxy() constProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
isDirty()ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
load()ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
markClean()ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inlineprivate
markDirty()ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
proxyProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >private
ProxyPtrBuffer(std::shared_ptr< Proxy > _proxy, Addr _ptr, size_t _size)ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline
ptrProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >private
sizeProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >private
~ProxyPtrBuffer()ProxyPtrBuffer< Proxy >inline

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