gem5  v20.1.0.0
fd_entry.hh File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <ostream>
#include <string>
#include "sim/serialize.hh"

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class  FDEntry
 Holds a single file descriptor mapping and that mapping's data for processes running in syscall emulation mode. More...
class  HBFDEntry
 Extends the base class to include a host-backed file descriptor field that records the integer used to represent the file descriptor on the host and the file's flags. More...
class  FileFDEntry
 Holds file descriptors for host-backed files; host-backed files are files which were opened on the physical machine where the simulation is running (probably the thing on/under your desk). More...
class  PipeFDEntry
 Holds the metadata needed to maintain the mappings for file descriptors allocated with the pipe() system calls and its variants. More...
class  DeviceFDEntry
 Holds file descriptors needed to simulate devices opened with pseudo files (commonly with calls to ioctls). More...
class  SocketFDEntry

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