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func_unit.hh File Reference
#include "cpu/minor/buffers.hh"
#include "cpu/minor/dyn_inst.hh"
#include "cpu/func_unit.hh"
#include "cpu/timing_expr.hh"
#include "params/MinorFU.hh"
#include "params/MinorFUPool.hh"
#include "params/MinorOpClass.hh"
#include "params/MinorOpClassSet.hh"
#include "sim/clocked_object.hh"

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class  MinorOpClass
 Boxing for MinorOpClass to get around a build problem with C++11 but also allow for future additions to op class checking. More...
class  MinorOpClassSet
 Wrapper for a matchable set of op classes. More...
class  MinorFUTiming
 Extra timing capability to allow individual ops to have their source register dependency latencies tweaked based on the ExtMachInst of the source instruction. More...
class  MinorFU
 A functional unit that can execute any of opClasses operations with a single op(eration)Lat(ency) and issueLat(ency) associated with the unit rather than each operation (as in src/FuncUnit). More...
class  MinorFUPool
 A collection of MinorFUs. More...
class  Minor::QueuedInst
 Container class to box instructions in the FUs to make those queues have correct bubble behaviour when stepped. More...
class  Minor::FUPipeline
 A functional unit configured from a MinorFU object. More...




typedef SelfStallingPipeline< QueuedInst, ReportTraitsAdaptor< QueuedInst > > Minor::FUPipelineBase
 Functional units have pipelines which stall when an inst gets to their ends allowing Execute::commit to pick up timing-completed insts when it feels like it. More...

Detailed Description

Execute function unit descriptions and pipeline implementations.

Definition in file func_unit.hh.

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