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base_gic.hh File Reference
#include <unordered_map>
#include "arch/arm/system.hh"
#include "dev/io_device.hh"

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class  BaseGic
class  BaseGicRegisters
class  ArmInterruptPinGen
 This SimObject is instantiated in the python world and serves as an ArmInterruptPin generator. More...
class  ArmSPIGen
 Shared Peripheral Interrupt Generator It is capable of generating one interrupt only: it maintains a pointer to it and returns it every time it is asked for it (via the get metod) More...
class  ArmPPIGen
 Private Peripheral Interrupt Generator Since PPIs are banked in the GIC, this class is capable of generating more than one interrupt (one per ContextID). More...
class  ArmInterruptPin
 Generic representation of an Arm interrupt pin. More...
class  ArmSPI
class  ArmPPI

Detailed Description

Base class for ARM GIC implementations

Definition in file base_gic.hh.

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