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tlm::tlm_bw_transport_if< TYPES > Class Template Reference

#include <fw_bw_ifs.hh>

Inheritance diagram for tlm::tlm_bw_transport_if< TYPES >:
tlm::tlm_bw_nonblocking_transport_if< tlm_base_protocol_types ::tlm_payload_type, tlm_base_protocol_types ::tlm_phase_type > tlm::tlm_bw_direct_mem_if sc_core::sc_interface sc_core::sc_interface tlm_utils::callback_binder_bw< TYPES > tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket_b< MODULE, BUSWIDTH, TYPES, POL >::process tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket_tagged_b< MODULE, BUSWIDTH, TYPES, POL >::process tlm_utils::simple_target_socket_b< MODULE, BUSWIDTH, TYPES, POL >::bw_process tlm_utils::simple_target_socket_tagged_b< MODULE, BUSWIDTH, TYPES, POL >::bw_process

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_bw_nonblocking_transport_if< tlm_base_protocol_types ::tlm_payload_type, tlm_base_protocol_types ::tlm_phase_type >
virtual tlm_sync_enum nb_transport_bw (tlm_base_protocol_types ::tlm_payload_type &trans, tlm_base_protocol_types ::tlm_phase_type &phase, sc_core::sc_time &t)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_interface
virtual void register_port (sc_port_base &, const char *)
virtual const sc_eventdefault_event () const
virtual ~sc_interface ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_bw_direct_mem_if
virtual void invalidate_direct_mem_ptr (sc_dt::uint64 start_range, sc_dt::uint64 end_range)=0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_interface
 sc_interface ()

Detailed Description

template<typename TYPES = tlm_base_protocol_types>
class tlm::tlm_bw_transport_if< TYPES >

Definition at line 231 of file fw_bw_ifs.hh.

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