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gic_v3_its.hh File Reference
#include <queue>
#include "base/coroutine.hh"
#include "dev/dma_device.hh"
#include "params/Gicv3Its.hh"

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struct  ItsAction
class  Gicv3Its
 GICv3 ITS module. More...
class  Gicv3Its::DataPort
class  ItsProcess
 ItsProcess is a base coroutine wrapper which is spawned by the Gicv3Its module when the latter needs to perform different actions, like translating a peripheral's MSI into an LPI (See derived ItsTranslation) or processing a Command from the ITS queue (ItsCommand). More...
class  ItsTranslation
 An ItsTranslation is created whenever a peripheral writes a message in GITS_TRANSLATER (MSI). More...
class  ItsCommand
 An ItsCommand is created whenever there is a new command in the command queue. More...
union  ItsCommand::CommandEntry
struct  ItsCommand::DispatchEntry
 Dispatch entry is a metadata struct which contains information about the command (like the name) and the function object implementing the command. More...


enum  ItsActionType { ItsActionType::INITIAL_NOP, ItsActionType::SEND_REQ, ItsActionType::TERMINATE }

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enum ItsActionType

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