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SimClock::Float Namespace Reference

Variable Documentation

◆ GHz

double SimClock::Float::GHz


Definition at line 58 of file

Referenced by fixClockFrequency(), and Time::setTick().

◆ Hz

double SimClock::Float::Hz

These variables the inverse of above.

They're all < 1. Hz

Definition at line 55 of file

Referenced by fixClockFrequency(), sc_core::sc_set_default_time_unit(), sc_core::sc_time::sc_time(), and sc_core::sc_time::to_seconds().

◆ kHz

double SimClock::Float::kHz


Definition at line 56 of file

Referenced by fixClockFrequency().

◆ MHz

double SimClock::Float::MHz


Definition at line 57 of file

Referenced by fixClockFrequency(), and RealViewCtrl::read().

◆ ms

double SimClock::Float::ms


Definition at line 50 of file

Referenced by X86KvmCPU::kvmRunDrain().

◆ ns

double SimClock::Float::ns


Definition at line 52 of file

Referenced by Time::getTick(), BaseKvmTimer::hostNs(), and BaseKvmTimer::ticksFromHostNs().

◆ ps

double SimClock::Float::ps


Definition at line 53 of file

◆ s

double SimClock::Float::s

These variables equal the number of ticks in the unit of time they're named after in a double.


Definition at line 49 of file

Referenced by ArmSemihosting::callTime(), Intel8254Timer::Counter::CounterEvent::CounterEvent(), sc_gem5::VcdTraceFile::initialize(), QoS::MemCtrl::logResponse(), RealViewOsc::read(), RealViewOsc::RealViewOsc(), and RealViewOsc::write().

◆ us

double SimClock::Float::us

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