gem5  v20.1.0.0
packet_queue.hh File Reference
#include <list>
#include "mem/port.hh"
#include "sim/drain.hh"
#include "sim/eventq.hh"

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class  PacketQueue
 A packet queue is a class that holds deferred packets and later sends them using the associated CPU-side port or memory-side port. More...
class  PacketQueue::DeferredPacket
 A deferred packet, buffered to transmit later. More...
class  ReqPacketQueue
class  SnoopRespPacketQueue
class  RespPacketQueue

Detailed Description

Declaration of a simple PacketQueue that is associated with a port on which it attempts to send packets according to the time stamp given to them at insertion. The packet queue is responsible for the flow control of the port.

Definition in file packet_queue.hh.

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