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ElasticTrace::TraceInfo Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

Tick getExecuteTick () const
 Get the execute tick of the instruction. More...
InstSeqNum instNum
RecordType type
 The type of trace record for the instruction node. More...
Tick executeTick
Tick toCommitTick
Tick commitTick
bool commit
std::list< InstSeqNumrobDepList
std::list< InstSeqNumphysRegDepList
int64_t compDelay
 Computational delay after the last dependent inst. More...
uint32_t numDepts
Addr pc
Request::FlagsType reqFlags
Addr physAddr
Addr virtAddr
unsigned size
 TraceInfo ()
 Default Constructor. More...
bool isLoad () const
 Is the record a load. More...
bool isStore () const
 Is the record a store. More...
bool isComp () const
 Is the record a fetch triggering an Icache request. More...
const std::string & typeToStr () const
 Return string specifying the type of the node. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 252 of file elastic_trace.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getExecuteTick()

Tick ElasticTrace::TraceInfo::getExecuteTick ( ) const

Get the execute tick of the instruction.

Tick when instruction was executed

Definition at line 756 of file

References commitTick, executeTick, isLoad(), isStore(), and toCommitTick.

Referenced by ElasticTrace::compDelayPhysRegDep(), and ElasticTrace::compDelayRob().

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