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MipsISA::CoreSpecific Struct Reference

#include <types.hh>

Public Member Functions

 CoreSpecific ()

Public Attributes

unsigned CP0_IntCtl_IPTI
unsigned CP0_IntCtl_IPPCI
unsigned CP0_SrsCtl_HSS
unsigned CP0_PRId_CompanyOptions
unsigned CP0_PRId_CompanyID
unsigned CP0_PRId_ProcessorID
unsigned CP0_PRId_Revision
unsigned CP0_EBase_CPUNum
unsigned CP0_Config_BE
unsigned CP0_Config_AT
unsigned CP0_Config_AR
unsigned CP0_Config_MT
unsigned CP0_Config_VI
unsigned CP0_Config1_M
unsigned CP0_Config1_MMU
unsigned CP0_Config1_IS
unsigned CP0_Config1_IL
unsigned CP0_Config1_IA
unsigned CP0_Config1_DS
unsigned CP0_Config1_DL
unsigned CP0_Config1_DA
bool CP0_Config1_C2
bool CP0_Config1_MD
bool CP0_Config1_PC
bool CP0_Config1_WR
bool CP0_Config1_CA
bool CP0_Config1_EP
bool CP0_Config1_FP
bool CP0_Config2_M
unsigned CP0_Config2_TU
unsigned CP0_Config2_TS
unsigned CP0_Config2_TL
unsigned CP0_Config2_TA
unsigned CP0_Config2_SU
unsigned CP0_Config2_SS
unsigned CP0_Config2_SL
unsigned CP0_Config2_SA
bool CP0_Config3_M
bool CP0_Config3_DSPP
bool CP0_Config3_LPA
bool CP0_Config3_VEIC
bool CP0_Config3_VInt
bool CP0_Config3_SP
bool CP0_Config3_MT
bool CP0_Config3_SM
bool CP0_Config3_TL
bool CP0_WatchHi_M
bool CP0_PerfCtr_M
bool CP0_PerfCtr_W
unsigned CP0_PRId
unsigned CP0_Config
unsigned CP0_Config1
unsigned CP0_Config2
unsigned CP0_Config3

Detailed Description

Definition at line 75 of file types.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CoreSpecific()

MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CoreSpecific ( )

Definition at line 76 of file types.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ CP0_Config

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config

Definition at line 156 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1

Definition at line 157 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_C2

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_C2

Definition at line 123 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_CA

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_CA

Definition at line 127 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_DA

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_DA

Definition at line 122 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_DL

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_DL

Definition at line 121 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_DS

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_DS

Definition at line 120 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_EP

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_EP

Definition at line 128 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_FP

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_FP

Definition at line 129 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_IA

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_IA

Definition at line 119 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_IL

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_IL

Definition at line 118 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_IS

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_IS

Definition at line 117 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_M

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_M

Definition at line 115 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_MD

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_MD

Definition at line 124 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_MMU

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_MMU

Definition at line 116 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_PC

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_PC

Definition at line 125 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config1_WR

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config1_WR

Definition at line 126 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2

Definition at line 158 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_M

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_M

Definition at line 130 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_SA

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_SA

Definition at line 138 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_SL

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_SL

Definition at line 137 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_SS

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_SS

Definition at line 136 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_SU

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_SU

Definition at line 135 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_TA

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_TA

Definition at line 134 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_TL

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_TL

Definition at line 133 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_TS

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_TS

Definition at line 132 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config2_TU

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config2_TU

Definition at line 131 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3

Definition at line 159 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_DSPP

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_DSPP

Definition at line 140 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_LPA

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_LPA

Definition at line 141 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_M

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_M

Definition at line 139 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_MT

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_MT

Definition at line 145 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_SM

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_SM

Definition at line 146 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_SP

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_SP

Definition at line 144 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_TL

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_TL

Definition at line 147 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_VEIC

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_VEIC

Definition at line 142 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config3_VInt

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config3_VInt

Definition at line 143 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config_AR

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config_AR

Definition at line 112 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config_AT

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config_AT

Definition at line 111 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config_BE

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config_BE

Definition at line 110 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config_MT

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config_MT

Definition at line 113 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_Config_VI

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_Config_VI

Definition at line 114 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_EBase_CPUNum

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_EBase_CPUNum

Definition at line 108 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_IntCtl_IPPCI

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_IntCtl_IPPCI

Definition at line 102 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_IntCtl_IPTI

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_IntCtl_IPTI

Definition at line 101 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_PerfCtr_M

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_PerfCtr_M

Definition at line 150 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_PerfCtr_W

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_PerfCtr_W

Definition at line 151 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_PRId

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_PRId

Definition at line 155 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_PRId_CompanyID

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_PRId_CompanyID

Definition at line 105 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_PRId_CompanyOptions

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_PRId_CompanyOptions

Definition at line 104 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_PRId_ProcessorID

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_PRId_ProcessorID

Definition at line 106 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_PRId_Revision

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_PRId_Revision

Definition at line 107 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_SrsCtl_HSS

unsigned MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_SrsCtl_HSS

Definition at line 103 of file types.hh.

◆ CP0_WatchHi_M

bool MipsISA::CoreSpecific::CP0_WatchHi_M

Definition at line 149 of file types.hh.

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