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Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension Class Reference

#include <sc_ext.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension:
tlm::tlm_extension< ControlExtension > tlm::tlm_extension_base

Public Member Functions

 ControlExtension ()
tlm_extension_base * clone () const override
void copy_from (const tlm_extension_base &ext) override
bool isPrivileged () const
void setPrivileged (bool p)
bool isSecure () const
void setSecure (bool s)
bool isInstruction () const
void setInstruction (bool i)
uint8_t getQos () const
void setQos (uint8_t q)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_extension< ControlExtension >
virtual void copy_from (tlm_extension_base const &ext)=0
virtual ~tlm_extension ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_extension_base
virtual void free ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ControlExtensiongetExtension (const tlm::tlm_generic_payload *payload)
static ControlExtensiongetExtension (const tlm::tlm_generic_payload &payload)

Private Attributes

bool privileged
bool secure
bool instruction
uint8_t qos

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from tlm::tlm_extension< ControlExtension >
static const unsigned int ID
- Protected Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_extension_base
virtual ~tlm_extension_base ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_extension_base
static unsigned int register_extension (const std::type_info &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 93 of file sc_ext.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ControlExtension()

Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::ControlExtension ( )

Definition at line 183 of file

Referenced by clone().

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

tlm::tlm_extension_base * Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::clone ( ) const

Implements tlm::tlm_extension< ControlExtension >.

Definition at line 191 of file

References ControlExtension().

◆ copy_from()

void Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::copy_from ( const tlm_extension_base &  ext)

Definition at line 197 of file

References gem5::ArmISA::ext.

◆ getExtension() [1/2]

ControlExtension & Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::getExtension ( const tlm::tlm_generic_payload payload)

Definition at line 204 of file

References getExtension().

◆ getExtension() [2/2]

ControlExtension & Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::getExtension ( const tlm::tlm_generic_payload payload)

Definition at line 210 of file

References tlm::tlm_generic_payload::get_extension(), and sc_assert.

Referenced by getExtension().

◆ getQos()

uint8_t Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::getQos ( ) const

Definition at line 255 of file

References qos.

◆ isInstruction()

bool Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::isInstruction ( ) const

Definition at line 243 of file

References instruction.

Referenced by gem5::fastmodel::AmbaFromTlmBridge64::syncControlExtension().

◆ isPrivileged()

bool Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::isPrivileged ( ) const

Definition at line 219 of file

References privileged.

Referenced by gem5::fastmodel::AmbaFromTlmBridge64::syncControlExtension().

◆ isSecure()

bool Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::isSecure ( ) const

Definition at line 231 of file

References secure.

Referenced by gem5::fastmodel::AmbaFromTlmBridge64::syncControlExtension().

◆ setInstruction()

void Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::setInstruction ( bool  i)

Definition at line 249 of file

References gem5::ArmISA::i, and instruction.

Referenced by gem5::fastmodel::AmbaToTlmBridge64::setupControlExtension().

◆ setPrivileged()

void Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::setPrivileged ( bool  p)

Definition at line 225 of file

References gem5::VegaISA::p, and privileged.

Referenced by gem5::fastmodel::AmbaToTlmBridge64::setupControlExtension().

◆ setQos()

void Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::setQos ( uint8_t  q)

Definition at line 261 of file

References gem5::ArmISA::q, and qos.

◆ setSecure()

void Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::setSecure ( bool  s)

Definition at line 237 of file

References gem5::VegaISA::s, and secure.

Referenced by gem5::fastmodel::AmbaToTlmBridge64::setupControlExtension().

Member Data Documentation

◆ instruction

bool Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::instruction

Definition at line 122 of file sc_ext.hh.

Referenced by isInstruction(), and setInstruction().

◆ privileged

bool Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::privileged

Definition at line 120 of file sc_ext.hh.

Referenced by isPrivileged(), and setPrivileged().

◆ qos

uint8_t Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::qos

Definition at line 125 of file sc_ext.hh.

Referenced by getQos(), and setQos().

◆ secure

bool Gem5SystemC::ControlExtension::secure

Definition at line 121 of file sc_ext.hh.

Referenced by isSecure(), and setSecure().

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