gem5  v22.1.0.0
The PollEvent API.

These methods relate to the PollEvent interface. More...


 gem5::PollEvent::PollEvent (int fd, int event)
bool gem5::PollEvent::queued ()
void gem5::PollEvent::disable ()
void gem5::PollEvent::enable ()
virtual void gem5::PollEvent::process (int revent)=0

Detailed Description

These methods relate to the PollEvent interface.

Function Documentation

◆ disable()

void gem5::PollEvent::disable ( )

◆ enable()

void gem5::PollEvent::enable ( )

◆ PollEvent()

gem5::PollEvent::PollEvent ( int  fd,
int  event 

Definition at line 59 of file

References gem5::PollEvent::pfd.

◆ process()

virtual void gem5::PollEvent::process ( int  revent)
pure virtual

◆ queued()

bool gem5::PollEvent::queued ( )

Definition at line 72 of file pollevent.hh.

References gem5::PollEvent::queue.

Referenced by gem5::VncServer::detach(), and gem5::EtherTapBase::unserialize().

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