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gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply Struct Reference

SCSI reply structure. More...

Public Member Functions

void reset ()

Public Attributes

uint8_t status
uint32_t msgSize
uint8_t LUN
struct UPIUMessage message
uint8_t senseSize
uint8_t expectMore
uint64_t offset
uint8_t senseCode [19]

Detailed Description

SCSI reply structure.

In here is all the information that is needed to build a SCSI reply.

Definition at line 386 of file ufs_device.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ reset()

void gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::reset ( )

Definition at line 388 of file ufs_device.hh.

Referenced by gem5::UFSHostDevice::UFSSCSIDevice::SCSICMDHandle().

Member Data Documentation

◆ expectMore

uint8_t gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::expectMore


uint8_t gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::LUN

◆ message

struct UPIUMessage gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::message

◆ msgSize

uint32_t gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::msgSize

◆ offset

uint64_t gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::offset

◆ senseCode

uint8_t gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::senseCode[19]

◆ senseSize

uint8_t gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::senseSize

◆ status

uint8_t gem5::UFSHostDevice::SCSIReply::status

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