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access.h File Reference

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struct  MipsAccess


#define MIPS_ACCESS_VERSION   (1305)
#define REG_OFFSET   1
#define UART8250_BASE   0xBFD003F8
#define UART8250_END   7*REG_OFFSET

Detailed Description

System Console Memory Mapped Register Definition

Definition in file access.h.

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Definition at line 37 of file access.h.


#define MIPS_ACCESS_VERSION   (1305)

Definition at line 36 of file access.h.


#define REG_OFFSET   1

Definition at line 38 of file access.h.


#define UART8250_BASE   0xBFD003F8

Definition at line 39 of file access.h.

◆ UART8250_END

#define UART8250_END   7*REG_OFFSET

Definition at line 40 of file access.h.

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