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EventManager Class Reference

#include <eventq.hh>

Inheritance diagram for EventManager:
BasePixelPump DRAMInterface::Rank Intel8254Timer MC146818 NVMInterface::Rank SimObject HDLcd::PixelPump X86ISA::I8254::X86Intel8254Timer MaltaIO::RTC X86ISA::Cmos::X86RTC AbstractNVM AddrMapper ArmInterruptPinGen ArmISA::PMU ArmISA::Stage2MMU ArmSemihosting BaseIndexingPolicy BaseInterrupts BaseISA BaseMemProbe BaseReplacementPolicy BaseTLB BasicLink BloomFilter::Base BPredUnit CacheMemory ClockDomain ClockedObject CommMonitor Compressor::Base DirectedGenerator DirectoryMemory DiskImage Display DistEtherLink DVFSHandler EmulatedDriver EtherBus EtherDump EtherLink EtherSwitch EtherTapBase ExternalMaster ExternalSlave FastModel::CortexA76Cluster FaultModel FUDesc FUPool GenericTimer Gicv2mFrame GoodbyeObject GPUDispatcher HelloObject I2CDevice IdeDisk IndirectPredictor IntrControl KvmVM LoopPredictor MemChecker MemCheckerMonitor MessageBuffer MinorFU MinorFUPool MinorFUTiming MinorOpClass MinorOpClassSet OpDesc Platform PoolManager PowerModel PowerModelState PowerState Prefetcher::DeltaCorrelatingPredictionTables ProbeListenerObject Process PS2Device QoS::Policy QoS::TurnaroundPolicy RealViewTemperatureSensor RedirectPath RegisterFile RegisterManager Root RubyPrefetcher sc_gem5::Kernel SerialDevice SimpleDisk SimpleMemobj SimpleObject SnoopFilter SouthBridge StatisticalCorrector SubSystem System SystemCounter TAGEBase ThermalCapacitor ThermalDomain ThermalNode ThermalReference ThermalResistor TimingExpr Trace::InstTracer UFSHostDevice::UFSSCSIDevice VirtIODeviceBase VncInput VoltageDomain Wavefront WireBuffer Workload WriteAllocator X86ISA::ACPI::RSDP X86ISA::ACPI::SysDescTable X86ISA::E820Entry X86ISA::E820Table X86ISA::IntelMP::BaseConfigEntry X86ISA::IntelMP::ConfigTable X86ISA::IntelMP::ExtConfigEntry X86ISA::IntelMP::FloatingPointer X86ISA::SMBios::SMBiosStructure X86ISA::SMBios::SMBiosTable

Public Member Functions

EventQueueeventQueue () const
void schedule (Event &event, Tick when)
void deschedule (Event &event)
void reschedule (Event &event, Tick when, bool always=false)
void schedule (Event *event, Tick when)
void deschedule (Event *event)
void reschedule (Event *event, Tick when, bool always=false)
void wakeupEventQueue (Tick when=(Tick) -1)
 This function is not needed by the usual gem5 event loop but may be necessary in derived EventQueues which host gem5 on other schedulers. More...
void setCurTick (Tick newVal)
 EventManager (EventManager &em)
 Event manger manages events in the event queue. More...
 EventManager (EventManager *em)
 EventManager (EventQueue *eq)

Protected Attributes

 A pointer to this object's event queue. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 973 of file eventq.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setCurTick()

void EventManager::setCurTick ( Tick  newVal)

Definition at line 1066 of file eventq.hh.

References eventq, and EventQueue::setCurTick().

Referenced by RubySystem::memWriteback(), and RubySystem::startup().

Member Data Documentation

◆ eventq

EventQueue* EventManager::eventq

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