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packet.hh File Reference
#include <bitset>
#include <cassert>
#include <list>
#include "base/addr_range.hh"
#include "base/cast.hh"
#include "base/compiler.hh"
#include "base/flags.hh"
#include "base/logging.hh"
#include "base/printable.hh"
#include "base/types.hh"
#include "mem/htm.hh"
#include "mem/request.hh"
#include "sim/core.hh"

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class  MemCmd
struct  MemCmd::CommandInfo
 Structure that defines attributes and other data associated with a Command. More...
class  Packet
 A Packet is used to encapsulate a transfer between two objects in the memory system (e.g., the L1 and L2 cache). More...
struct  Packet::SenderState
 A virtual base opaque structure used to hold state associated with the packet (e.g., an MSHR), specific to a SimObject that sees the packet. More...
class  Packet::PrintReqState
 Object used to maintain state of a PrintReq. More...
struct  Packet::PrintReqState::LabelStackEntry
 An entry in the label stack. More...


typedef PacketPacketPtr
typedef uint8_t * PacketDataPtr
typedef std::list< PacketPtrPacketList
typedef uint64_t PacketId

Detailed Description

Declaration of the Packet class.

Definition in file packet.hh.

Typedef Documentation

◆ PacketDataPtr

typedef uint8_t* PacketDataPtr

Definition at line 67 of file packet.hh.

◆ PacketId

typedef uint64_t PacketId

Definition at line 69 of file packet.hh.

◆ PacketList

Definition at line 68 of file packet.hh.

◆ PacketPtr

typedef Packet* PacketPtr

Definition at line 65 of file packet.hh.

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