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simulate.hh File Reference
#include "base/types.hh"

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GlobalSimLoopExitEventsimulate (Tick num_cycles=MaxTick)
 Simulate for num_cycles additional cycles. More...



Function Documentation

◆ simulate()

GlobalSimLoopExitEvent* simulate ( Tick  num_cycles)

Simulate for num_cycles additional cycles.

If num_cycles is -1 (the default), do not limit simulation; some other event must terminate the loop. Exported to Python.

The SimLoopExitEvent that caused the loop to exit.

Delete the simulation quantum event.

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References curTick(), BaseGlobalEvent::deschedule(), doSimLoop(), fatal, Event::globalEvent(), ArmISA::i, inform, inParallelMode, mainEventQueue, MaxTick, numMainEventQueues, EventBase::Progress_Event_Pri, BaseGlobalEvent::reschedule(), simQuantum, simulate_limit_event, thread_loop(), threadBarrier, and Barrier::wait().

Referenced by RubySystem::memWriteback(), pybind_init_event(), and RubySystem::startup().

Variable Documentation

◆ simulate_limit_event

GlobalSimLoopExitEvent* simulate_limit_event

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Referenced by simulate().

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