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gem5::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket Class Reference

#include <signal_interrupt.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gem5::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket:
tlm::tlm_base_initiator_socket< 64, SignalInterruptFwIf, SignalInterruptBwIf > tlm::tlm_base_socket_if tlm::tlm_base_initiator_socket_b< BUSWIDTH, FW_IF, BW_IF > sc_core::sc_port< IF, N, P > sc_core::sc_port_b< IF > sc_core::sc_port_base sc_core::sc_object

Public Types

typedef tlm::tlm_base_initiator_socket< 64, SignalInterruptFwIf, SignalInterruptBwIfBase
- Public Types inherited from tlm::tlm_base_initiator_socket< 64, SignalInterruptFwIf, SignalInterruptBwIf >
typedef SignalInterruptFwIf fw_interface_type
typedef SignalInterruptBwIf bw_interface_type
typedef sc_core::sc_port< fw_interface_type, 1, sc_core::SC_ONE_OR_MORE_BOUNDport_type
typedef sc_core::sc_export< bw_interface_typeexport_type
typedef tlm_base_target_socket_b< BUSWIDTH, fw_interface_type, bw_interface_typebase_target_socket_type
typedef tlm_base_initiator_socket_b< BUSWIDTH, fw_interface_type, bw_interface_typebase_type

Public Member Functions

 SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket ()
 SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket (const char *name)
const char * kind () const override
std::type_index get_protocol_types () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_base_initiator_socket< 64, SignalInterruptFwIf, SignalInterruptBwIf >
 tlm_base_initiator_socket ()
 tlm_base_initiator_socket (const char *name)
virtual void bind (base_target_socket_type &s)
virtual void bind (base_type &s)
virtual void bind (bw_interface_type &ifs)
void operator() (base_target_socket_type &s)
void operator() (base_type &s)
void operator() (bw_interface_type &s)
virtual sc_core::sc_port_baseget_port_base ()
virtual sc_core::sc_port_base const & get_port_base () const
virtual sc_core::sc_export_baseget_export_base ()
virtual sc_core::sc_export_base const & get_export_base () const
virtual unsigned int get_bus_width () const
virtual tlm_socket_category get_socket_category () const
virtual sc_core::sc_port_b< SignalInterruptFwIf > & get_base_port ()
virtual sc_core::sc_port_b< SignalInterruptFwIf > const & get_base_port () const
virtual SignalInterruptBwIf & get_base_interface ()
virtual SignalInterruptBwIf const & get_base_interface () const
virtual sc_core::sc_export< SignalInterruptBwIf > & get_base_export ()
virtual sc_core::sc_export< SignalInterruptBwIf > const & get_base_export () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_base_initiator_socket_b< BUSWIDTH, FW_IF, BW_IF >
virtual ~tlm_base_initiator_socket_b ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_port< IF, N, P >
 sc_port ()
 sc_port (const char *name)
virtual ~sc_port ()
 sc_port (const IF &interface)
 sc_port (const char *name, const IF &interface)
 sc_port (sc_port_b< IF > &parent)
 sc_port (const char *name, sc_port_b< IF > &parent)
 sc_port (sc_port< IF, N, P > &parent)
 sc_port (const char *name, sc_port< IF, N, P > &parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_port_b< IF >
void operator() (IF &i)
void operator() (sc_port_b< IF > &p)
virtual void bind (IF &i)
virtual void bind (sc_port_b< IF > &p)
IF * operator-> ()
const IF * operator-> () const
IF * operator[] (int n)
const IF * operator[] (int n) const
sc_interfaceget_interface ()
const sc_interfaceget_interface () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_port_base
 sc_port_base (const char *name, int n, sc_port_policy p)
virtual ~sc_port_base ()
void warn_port_constructor () const
int maxSize () const
int size () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_object
const char * name () const
const char * basename () const
virtual void print (std::ostream &=std::cout) const
virtual void dump (std::ostream &=std::cout) const
virtual const std::vector< sc_object * > & get_child_objects () const
virtual const std::vector< sc_event * > & get_child_events () const
sc_objectget_parent_object () const
bool add_attribute (sc_attr_base &)
sc_attr_baseget_attribute (const std::string &)
sc_attr_baseremove_attribute (const std::string &)
void remove_all_attributes ()
int num_attributes () const
sc_attr_cltnattr_cltn ()
const sc_attr_cltnattr_cltn () const
sc_simcontextsimcontext () const

Private Attributes

SignalInterruptBwIf dummyBwIf

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from tlm::tlm_base_socket_if
virtual ~tlm_base_socket_if ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_port_b< IF >
void before_end_of_elaboration () override
void end_of_elaboration () override
void start_of_simulation () override
void end_of_simulation () override
 sc_port_b (int n, sc_port_policy p)
 sc_port_b (const char *name, int n, sc_port_policy p)
virtual ~sc_port_b ()
int vbind (sc_interface &i) override
int vbind (sc_port_base &pb) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_port_base
void bind (sc_interface &)
void bind (sc_port_base &)
void report_error (const char *id, const char *add_msg) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sc_core::sc_object
 sc_object ()
 sc_object (const char *)
 sc_object (const sc_object &)
sc_objectoperator= (const sc_object &)
virtual ~sc_object ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from tlm::tlm_base_initiator_socket< 64, SignalInterruptFwIf, SignalInterruptBwIf >
export_type m_export

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file signal_interrupt.hh.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Base

Definition at line 69 of file signal_interrupt.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket() [1/2]

gem5::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket ( )

◆ SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket() [2/2]

gem5::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket ( const char *  name)

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_protocol_types()

std::type_index gem5::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket::get_protocol_types ( ) const

Implements tlm::tlm_base_socket_if.

Definition at line 90 of file signal_interrupt.hh.

◆ kind()

const char* gem5::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket::kind ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ dummyBwIf

SignalInterruptBwIf gem5::SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket::dummyBwIf

Definition at line 65 of file signal_interrupt.hh.

Referenced by SignalInterruptInitiatorSocket().

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