gem5  v22.1.0.0
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gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64 Struct Reference

#include <linux.hh>

Public Attributes

uint64_t st_dev
uint64_t st_ino
uint64_t st_nlink
uint32_t st_mode
uint32_t st_uid
uint32_t st_gid
uint32_t __pad0
uint64_t st_rdev
int64_t st_size
int64_t st_blksize
int64_t st_blocks
uint64_t st_atimeX
uint64_t st_atime_nsec
uint64_t st_mtimeX
uint64_t st_mtime_nsec
uint64_t st_ctimeX
uint64_t st_ctime_nsec
int64_t unused0 [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 101 of file linux.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ __pad0

uint32_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::__pad0

Definition at line 109 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_atime_nsec

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_atime_nsec

Definition at line 115 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_atimeX

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_atimeX

Definition at line 114 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_blksize

int64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_blksize

Definition at line 112 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_blocks

int64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_blocks

Definition at line 113 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_ctime_nsec

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_ctime_nsec

Definition at line 119 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_ctimeX

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_ctimeX

Definition at line 118 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_dev

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_dev

Definition at line 103 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_gid

uint32_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_gid

Definition at line 108 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_ino

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_ino

Definition at line 104 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_mode

uint32_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_mode

Definition at line 106 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_mtime_nsec

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_mtime_nsec

Definition at line 117 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_mtimeX

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_mtimeX

Definition at line 116 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_nlink

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_nlink

Definition at line 105 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_rdev

uint64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_rdev

Definition at line 110 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_size

int64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_size

Definition at line 111 of file linux.hh.

◆ st_uid

uint32_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::st_uid

Definition at line 107 of file linux.hh.

◆ unused0

int64_t gem5::X86Linux64::tgt_stat64::unused0[3]

Definition at line 120 of file linux.hh.

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