gem5  v22.0.0.2
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gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args Struct Reference

#include <kfd_ioctl.h>

Public Attributes

uint64_t ring_base_address
uint64_t write_pointer_address
uint64_t read_pointer_address
uint64_t doorbell_offset
uint32_t ring_size
uint32_t gpu_id
uint32_t queue_type
uint32_t queue_percentage
uint32_t queue_priority
uint32_t queue_id
uint64_t eop_buffer_address
uint64_t eop_buffer_size
uint64_t ctx_save_restore_address
uint32_t ctx_save_restore_size
uint32_t ctl_stack_size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ctl_stack_size

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::ctl_stack_size

Definition at line 73 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ ctx_save_restore_address

uint64_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::ctx_save_restore_address

Definition at line 71 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ ctx_save_restore_size

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::ctx_save_restore_size

Definition at line 72 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ doorbell_offset

uint64_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::doorbell_offset

Definition at line 60 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ eop_buffer_address

uint64_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::eop_buffer_address

Definition at line 69 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ eop_buffer_size

uint64_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::eop_buffer_size

Definition at line 70 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ gpu_id

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::gpu_id

Definition at line 63 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ queue_id

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::queue_id

Definition at line 67 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ queue_percentage

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::queue_percentage

Definition at line 65 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ queue_priority

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::queue_priority

Definition at line 66 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ queue_type

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::queue_type

Definition at line 64 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ read_pointer_address

uint64_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::read_pointer_address

Definition at line 59 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ ring_base_address

uint64_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::ring_base_address

Definition at line 57 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ ring_size

uint32_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::ring_size

Definition at line 62 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

◆ write_pointer_address

uint64_t gem5::kfd_ioctl_create_queue_args::write_pointer_address

Definition at line 58 of file kfd_ioctl.h.

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