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lsq.hh File Reference
#include "cpu/minor/buffers.hh"
#include "cpu/minor/cpu.hh"
#include "cpu/minor/pipe_data.hh"
#include "cpu/minor/trace.hh"

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class  Minor::LSQ
class  Minor::LSQ::DcachePort
 Exposable data port. More...
class  Minor::LSQ::LSQRequest
 Derived SenderState to carry data access info. More...
class  Minor::LSQ::SpecialDataRequest
 Special request types that don't actually issue memory requests. More...
class  Minor::LSQ::FailedDataRequest
 FailedDataRequest represents requests from instructions that failed their predicates but need to ride the requests/transfers queues to maintain trace ordering. More...
class  Minor::LSQ::BarrierDataRequest
 Request for doing barrier accounting in the store buffer. More...
class  Minor::LSQ::SingleDataRequest
 SingleDataRequest is used for requests that don't fragment. More...
class  Minor::LSQ::SplitDataRequest
class  Minor::LSQ::StoreBuffer
 Store buffer. More...




PacketPtr Minor::makePacketForRequest (const RequestPtr &request, bool isLoad, Packet::SenderState *sender_state=NULL, PacketDataPtr data=NULL)
 Make a suitable packet for the given request. More...

Detailed Description

A load/store queue that allows outstanding reads and writes.

Definition in file lsq.hh.

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