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DRAMInterface::RankStats Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for DRAMInterface::RankStats:

Public Member Functions

 RankStats (DRAMInterface &dram, Rank &rank)
void regStats () override
 Callback to set stat parameters. More...
void resetStats () override
 Callback to reset stats. More...
void preDumpStats () override
 Callback before stats are dumped. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Stats::Group
 Group (Group *parent, const char *name=nullptr)
 Construct a new statistics group. More...
virtual ~Group ()
void addStat (Stats::Info *info)
 Register a stat with this group. More...
const std::map< std::string, Group * > & getStatGroups () const
 Get all child groups associated with this object. More...
const std::vector< Info * > & getStats () const
 Get all stats associated with this object. More...
void addStatGroup (const char *name, Group *block)
 Add a stat block as a child of this block. More...
const InforesolveStat (std::string name) const
 Resolve a stat by its name within this group. More...
 Group ()=delete
 Group (const Group &)=delete
Groupoperator= (const Group &)=delete

Public Attributes

Stats::Scalar actEnergy
Stats::Scalar preEnergy
Stats::Scalar readEnergy
Stats::Scalar writeEnergy
Stats::Scalar refreshEnergy
Stats::Scalar actBackEnergy
Stats::Scalar preBackEnergy
Stats::Scalar actPowerDownEnergy
Stats::Scalar prePowerDownEnergy
Stats::Scalar selfRefreshEnergy
Stats::Scalar totalEnergy
Stats::Scalar averagePower
Stats::Scalar totalIdleTime
 Stat to track total DRAM idle time. More...
Stats::Vector pwrStateTime
 Track time spent in each power state. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 399 of file mem_interface.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RankStats()

DRAMInterface::RankStats::RankStats ( DRAMInterface dram,
Rank rank 

Definition at line 1943 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ preDumpStats()

void DRAMInterface::RankStats::preDumpStats ( )

Callback before stats are dumped.

This can be overridden by objects that need to perform calculations in addition to the capabiltiies implemented in the stat framework.

Reimplemented from Stats::Group.

Definition at line 1992 of file

References Stats::Group::preDumpStats().

◆ regStats()

void DRAMInterface::RankStats::regStats ( )

Callback to set stat parameters.

This callback is typically used for complex stats (e.g., distributions) that need parameters in addition to a name and a description. Stat names and descriptions should typically be set from the constructor usingo from the constructor using the ADD_STAT macro.

Reimplemented from Stats::Group.

Definition at line 1969 of file

References Stats::Group::regStats().

◆ resetStats()

void DRAMInterface::RankStats::resetStats ( )

Callback to reset stats.

Reimplemented from Stats::Group.

Definition at line 1984 of file

References Stats::Group::resetStats().

Member Data Documentation

◆ actBackEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::actBackEnergy

Definition at line 421 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ actEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::actEnergy

Definition at line 412 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ actPowerDownEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::actPowerDownEnergy

Definition at line 431 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ averagePower

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::averagePower

Definition at line 444 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ preBackEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::preBackEnergy

Definition at line 426 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ preEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::preEnergy

Definition at line 413 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ prePowerDownEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::prePowerDownEnergy

Definition at line 436 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ pwrStateTime

Stats::Vector DRAMInterface::RankStats::pwrStateTime

Track time spent in each power state.

Definition at line 455 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ rank

Rank& DRAMInterface::RankStats::rank

Definition at line 407 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ readEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::readEnergy

Definition at line 414 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ refreshEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::refreshEnergy

Definition at line 416 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ selfRefreshEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::selfRefreshEnergy

Definition at line 441 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ totalEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::totalEnergy

Definition at line 443 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ totalIdleTime

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::totalIdleTime

Stat to track total DRAM idle time.

Definition at line 450 of file mem_interface.hh.

◆ writeEnergy

Stats::Scalar DRAMInterface::RankStats::writeEnergy

Definition at line 415 of file mem_interface.hh.

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