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RubySlicc_ComponentMapping.hh File Reference
#include "mem/ruby/common/Address.hh"
#include "mem/ruby/common/MachineID.hh"
#include "mem/ruby/common/NetDest.hh"
#include "mem/ruby/protocol/MachineType.hh"
#include "mem/ruby/structures/DirectoryMemory.hh"

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 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification


NetDest gem5::ruby::broadcast (MachineType type)
MachineID gem5::ruby::mapAddressToRange (Addr addr, MachineType type, int low_bit, int num_bits, int cluster_id=0)
NodeID gem5::ruby::machineIDToNodeID (MachineID machID)
MachineType gem5::ruby::machineIDToMachineType (MachineID machID)
int gem5::ruby::machineCount (MachineType machType)
MachineID gem5::ruby::createMachineID (MachineType type, NodeID id)
MachineID gem5::ruby::MachineTypeAndNodeIDToMachineID (MachineType type, NodeID node)

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