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gem5::Episode::Action Class Reference

#include <episode.hh>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  Type::ACQUIRE, Type::RELEASE, Type::ATOMIC, Type::LOAD,

Public Member Functions

 Action (Type t, int num_lanes)
 ~Action ()
Type getType () const
void setLocation (int lane, Location loc)
Location getLocation (int lane) const
bool isAtomicAction () const
bool isMemFenceAction () const
const std::string printType () const

Private Types

typedef std::vector< LocationLocationList

Private Attributes

Type type
int numLanes
LocationList locations

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file episode.hh.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ LocationList

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Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Type


Definition at line 56 of file episode.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Action()

gem5::Episode::Action::Action ( Type  t,
int  num_lanes 

Definition at line 274 of file

References gem5::AddressManager::INVALID_LOCATION, locations, and numLanes.

◆ ~Action()

gem5::Episode::Action::~Action ( )

Definition at line 66 of file episode.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getLocation()

AddressManager::Location gem5::Episode::Action::getLocation ( int  lane) const

◆ getType()

Type gem5::Episode::Action::getType ( ) const

◆ isAtomicAction()

bool gem5::Episode::Action::isAtomicAction ( ) const

Definition at line 298 of file

References gem5::X86ISA::type.

◆ isMemFenceAction()

bool gem5::Episode::Action::isMemFenceAction ( ) const

Definition at line 304 of file

References gem5::X86ISA::type.

◆ printType()

const std::string gem5::Episode::Action::printType ( ) const

Definition at line 310 of file

References panic, and gem5::X86ISA::type.

◆ setLocation()

void gem5::Episode::Action::setLocation ( int  lane,
Location  loc 

Definition at line 284 of file

References gem5::Episode::numLanes.

Member Data Documentation

◆ locations

LocationList gem5::Episode::Action::locations

Definition at line 79 of file episode.hh.

Referenced by Action().

◆ numLanes

int gem5::Episode::Action::numLanes

Definition at line 77 of file episode.hh.

Referenced by Action().

◆ type

Type gem5::Episode::Action::type

Definition at line 76 of file episode.hh.

Referenced by getType().

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