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generic_timer.hh File Reference
#include "arch/arm/isa_device.hh"
#include "arch/arm/system.hh"
#include "dev/arm/base_gic.hh"
#include "dev/arm/generic_timer_miscregs_types.hh"
#include "sim/core.hh"
#include "sim/sim_object.hh"

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class  SystemCounterListener
 Abstract class for elements whose events depend on the counting speed of the System Counter. More...
class  SystemCounter
 Global system counter. More...
class  ArchTimer
 Per-CPU architected timer. More...
class  ArchTimerKvm
class  GenericTimer
class  GenericTimer::CoreTimers
struct  GenericTimer::CoreTimers::EventStream
class  GenericTimerISA
class  GenericTimerFrame
class  GenericTimerMem

Detailed Description

This module implements the global system counter and the local per-CPU architected timers as specified by the ARM Generic Timer extension: Arm ARM (ARM DDI 0487E.a) D11.1.2 - The system counter D11.2 - The AArch64 view of the Generic Timer G6.2 - The AArch32 view of the Generic Timer I2 - System Level Implementation of the Generic Timer

Definition in file generic_timer.hh.

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