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x86_traits.hh File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include "base/types.hh"

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 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification
 This is exposed globally, independent of the ISA.


static Addr gem5::X86ISA::x86IOAddress (const uint32_t port)
static Addr gem5::X86ISA::x86PciConfigAddress (const uint32_t addr)
static Addr gem5::X86ISA::x86LocalAPICAddress (const uint8_t id, const uint16_t addr)
static Addr gem5::X86ISA::x86InterruptAddress (const uint8_t id, const uint16_t addr)


const int gem5::X86ISA::NumMicroIntRegs = 16
const int gem5::X86ISA::NumMMXRegs = 8
const int gem5::X86ISA::NumXMMRegs = 16
const int gem5::X86ISA::NumMicroFpRegs = 8
const int gem5::X86ISA::NumCRegs = 16
const int gem5::X86ISA::NumDRegs = 8
const int gem5::X86ISA::NumSegments = 6
const int gem5::X86ISA::NumSysSegments = 4
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::IntAddrPrefixMask = 0xffffffff00000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::IntAddrPrefixCPUID = 0x100000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::IntAddrPrefixMSR = 0x200000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::IntAddrPrefixIO = 0x300000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::PhysAddrPrefixIO = 0x8000000000000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::PhysAddrPrefixPciConfig = 0xC000000000000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::PhysAddrPrefixLocalAPIC = 0x2000000000000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::PhysAddrPrefixInterrupts = 0xA000000000000000ULL
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::PhysAddrAPICRangeSize = 1 << 12
const Addr gem5::X86ISA::PhysAddrIntA = 0x8000000100000000ULL

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