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gem5::CxxConfigDirectoryEntry Class Reference

Config details entry for a SimObject. More...

#include <cxx_config.hh>


class  ParamDesc
class  PortDesc
 Similar to ParamDesc to describe ports. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual CxxConfigParamsmakeParamsObject () const
 Make a ...Param structure for the SimObject class of this entry. More...
virtual ~CxxConfigDirectoryEntry ()

Public Attributes

std::map< std::string, ParamDesc * > parameters
 All parameters (including SimObjects) in order. More...
std::map< std::string, PortDesc * > ports
 Ports. More...

Detailed Description

Config details entry for a SimObject.

Instances of this class contain enough configuration layout information to popular a ...Param structure and build a SimObject from it with the help of the 'set' functions in each ...Param class

Definition at line 69 of file cxx_config.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~CxxConfigDirectoryEntry()

virtual gem5::CxxConfigDirectoryEntry::~CxxConfigDirectoryEntry ( )

Definition at line 119 of file cxx_config.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ makeParamsObject()

virtual CxxConfigParams* gem5::CxxConfigDirectoryEntry::makeParamsObject ( ) const

Make a ...Param structure for the SimObject class of this entry.

Definition at line 117 of file cxx_config.hh.

Referenced by gem5::CxxConfigManager::findObjectParams().

Member Data Documentation

◆ parameters

std::map<std::string, ParamDesc *> gem5::CxxConfigDirectoryEntry::parameters

All parameters (including SimObjects) in order.

Definition at line 111 of file cxx_config.hh.

Referenced by gem5::CxxConfigManager::findObject(), and gem5::CxxConfigManager::findObjectParams().

◆ ports

std::map<std::string, PortDesc *> gem5::CxxConfigDirectoryEntry::ports

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