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sc_gem5::VcdTraceValFxval< T > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for sc_gem5::VcdTraceValFxval< T >:
sc_gem5::VcdTraceVal< T > sc_gem5::TraceVal< T, VcdTraceValBase > sc_gem5::VcdTraceValBase sc_gem5::TraceValBase

Public Member Functions

std::string vcdType () override
void output (std::ostream &os) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_gem5::VcdTraceVal< T >
 VcdTraceVal (const T *t, const std::string &vcd_name, int width)
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_gem5::TraceVal< T, VcdTraceValBase >
 TraceVal (const T *_t, int _width)
 ~TraceVal ()
void finalize () override
const T & value ()
bool check () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_gem5::VcdTraceValBase
 VcdTraceValBase (int width)
 ~VcdTraceValBase ()
void vcdName (const std::string &vcd_name)
const std::string & vcdName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sc_gem5::TraceValBase
 TraceValBase (int _width)
virtual ~TraceValBase ()
int width ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from sc_gem5::VcdTraceVal< T >
typedef T TracedType
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sc_gem5::VcdTraceValBase
const char * stripLeadingBits (const char *orig)
char scLogicToVcdState (char in)
void printVal (std::ostream &os, const std::string &rep)
- Protected Attributes inherited from sc_gem5::VcdTraceValBase
std::string _vcdName
- Protected Attributes inherited from sc_gem5::TraceValBase
int _width

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class sc_gem5::VcdTraceValFxval< T >

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Member Function Documentation

◆ output()

template<typename T >
void sc_gem5::VcdTraceValFxval< T >::output ( std::ostream & os)

◆ vcdType()

template<typename T >
std::string sc_gem5::VcdTraceValFxval< T >::vcdType ( )

Reimplemented from sc_gem5::VcdTraceValBase.

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