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gem5::bloom_filter Namespace Reference


class  Base
class  Block
 Simple deletable (with false negatives) bloom filter that extracts bitfields of an address to use as indexes of the filter vector. More...
class  Bulk
 Implementation of the bloom filter, as described in "Bulk Disambiguation of Speculative Threads in Multiprocessors", by Ceze, Luis, et al. More...
class  H3
 Implementation of the bloom filter as described in "Implementing Signatures for Transactional Memory", by Sanchez, Daniel, et al. More...
class  MultiBitSel
 The MultiBitSel Bloom Filter associates an address to multiple entries through the use of multiple hash functions. More...
class  Multi
 This BloomFilter has multiple sub-filters, each with its own hashing functionality. More...
class  Perfect
 A perfect bloom filter with no false positives nor false negatives. More...


static int H3Matrix [64][16]

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int gem5::bloom_filter::H3Matrix[64][16]

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