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port_terminator.hh File Reference
#include <vector>
#include "mem/port.hh"
#include "params/PortTerminator.hh"
#include "sim/sim_object.hh"

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class  gem5::PortTerminator
class  gem5::PortTerminator::ReqPort
 definition of the ReqPort class. More...
class  gem5::PortTerminator::RespPort
 definition of the RespPort class. More...


 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification

Detailed Description

Contains the description of the class PortTerminator. It is useful for cases where you do not need to connect all of the ports in your system, but the simulator is complaining about orphan ports. For example if you have configured a cache hierarchy and want to test its performance using PyTrafficGen, you will end up with an icache that is not connected to any other component in the system. In this case you can just connect that port to this object. This object will not issue any request or respond to any request. It is neccessary to make sure the ports that are connected to a PortTerminator are never going to be used in your system.

Definition in file port_terminator.hh.

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