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sim_exit.hh File Reference
#include <functional>
#include <string>
#include "base/types.hh"

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 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification


Tick gem5::curTick ()
 The universal simulation clock. More...
void gem5::registerExitCallback (const std::function< void()> &callback)
 Register an exit callback. More...
void gem5::exitSimLoop (const std::string &message, int exit_code=0, Tick when=curTick(), Tick repeat=0, bool serialize=false)
 Schedule an event to exit the simulation loop (returning to Python) at the end of the current cycle (curTick()). More...
void gem5::exitSimLoopNow (const std::string &message, int exit_code=0, Tick repeat=0, bool serialize=false)
 Schedule an event as above, but make it high priority so it runs before any normal events which are schedule at the current time. More...

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