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gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage Struct Reference

For getrusage(). More...

#include <linux.hh>

Public Attributes

struct timeval ru_utime
 user time used More...
struct timeval ru_stime
 system time used More...
int64_t ru_maxrss
 max rss More...
int64_t ru_ixrss
 integral shared memory size More...
int64_t ru_idrss
 integral unshared data " More...
int64_t ru_isrss
 integral unshared stack " More...
int64_t ru_minflt
 page reclaims - total vmfaults More...
int64_t ru_majflt
 page faults More...
int64_t ru_nswap
 swaps More...
int64_t ru_inblock
 block input operations More...
int64_t ru_oublock
 block output operations More...
int64_t ru_msgsnd
 messages sent More...
int64_t ru_msgrcv
 messages received More...
int64_t ru_nsignals
 signals received More...
int64_t ru_nvcsw
 voluntary context switches More...
int64_t ru_nivcsw
 involuntary " More...

Detailed Description

For getrusage().

Definition at line 510 of file linux.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ru_idrss

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_idrss

integral unshared data "

Definition at line 516 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_inblock

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_inblock

block input operations

Definition at line 521 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_isrss

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_isrss

integral unshared stack "

Definition at line 517 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_ixrss

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_ixrss

integral shared memory size

Definition at line 515 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_majflt

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_majflt

page faults

Definition at line 519 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_maxrss

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_maxrss

max rss

Definition at line 514 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_minflt

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_minflt

page reclaims - total vmfaults

Definition at line 518 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_msgrcv

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_msgrcv

messages received

Definition at line 524 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_msgsnd

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_msgsnd

messages sent

Definition at line 523 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_nivcsw

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_nivcsw

involuntary "

Definition at line 527 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_nsignals

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_nsignals

signals received

Definition at line 525 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_nswap

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_nswap


Definition at line 520 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_nvcsw

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_nvcsw

voluntary context switches

Definition at line 526 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_oublock

int64_t gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_oublock

block output operations

Definition at line 522 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_stime

struct timeval gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_stime

system time used

Definition at line 506 of file linux.hh.

◆ ru_utime

struct timeval gem5::ArmLinux64::rusage::ru_utime

user time used

Definition at line 506 of file linux.hh.

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