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addr_range.hh File Reference
#include <algorithm>
#include <iterator>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include "base/bitfield.hh"
#include "base/cprintf.hh"
#include "base/logging.hh"
#include "base/types.hh"

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class  gem5::AddrRange
 The AddrRange class encapsulates an address range, and supports a number of tests to check if two ranges intersect, if a range contains a specific address etc. More...
struct  gem5::AddrRange::Dummy


 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification


typedef std::list< AddrRange > gem5::AddrRangeList
 Convenience typedef for a collection of address ranges. More...


static AddrRangeList gem5::operator- (const AddrRange &range, const AddrRangeList &to_exclude)
static AddrRangeList gem5::operator- (const AddrRange &range, const AddrRange &to_exclude)
static AddrRangeList gem5::exclude (const AddrRangeList &base, AddrRangeList to_exclude)
static AddrRangeList gem5::exclude (const AddrRangeList &base, const AddrRange &to_exclude)
static AddrRangeList gem5::operator- (const AddrRangeList &base, const AddrRangeList &to_exclude)
static AddrRangeList gem5::operator-= (AddrRangeList &base, const AddrRangeList &to_exclude)
static AddrRangeList gem5::operator- (const AddrRangeList &base, const AddrRange &to_exclude)
static AddrRangeList gem5::operator-= (AddrRangeList &base, const AddrRange &to_exclude)
AddrRange gem5::RangeEx (Addr start, Addr end)
AddrRange gem5::RangeIn (Addr start, Addr end)
AddrRange gem5::RangeSize (Addr start, Addr size)

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