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iob.hh File Reference
#include "dev/io_device.hh"
#include "params/Iob.hh"

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class  gem5::Iob
struct  gem5::Iob::IntMan
struct  gem5::Iob::IntCtl
struct  gem5::Iob::IntBusy


 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification


const int gem5::MaxNiagaraProcs = 32
const Addr gem5::IntManAddr = 0x0000
const Addr gem5::IntManSize = 0x0020
const Addr gem5::IntCtlAddr = 0x0400
const Addr gem5::IntCtlSize = 0x0020
const Addr gem5::JIntVecAddr = 0x0A00
const Addr gem5::IntVecDisAddr = 0x0800
const Addr gem5::IntVecDisSize = 0x0100
const Addr gem5::JIntData0Addr = 0x0400
const Addr gem5::JIntData1Addr = 0x0500
const Addr gem5::JIntDataA0Addr = 0x0600
const Addr gem5::JIntDataA1Addr = 0x0700
const Addr gem5::JIntBusyAddr = 0x0900
const Addr gem5::JIntBusySize = 0x0100
const Addr gem5::JIntABusyAddr = 0x0B00
const uint64_t gem5::IntManMask = 0x01F3F
const uint64_t gem5::IntCtlMask = 0x00006
const uint64_t gem5::JIntVecMask = 0x0003F
const uint64_t gem5::IntVecDis = 0x31F3F
const uint64_t gem5::JIntBusyMask = 0x0003F

Detailed Description

This device implements the niagara I/O Bridge chip. The device manages internal (ipi) and external (serial, pci via jbus).

Definition in file iob.hh.

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