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gem5::dp_regs Struct Reference

Ethernet device registers. More...

#include <ns_gige.hh>

Public Attributes

uint32_t command
uint32_t config
uint32_t mear
uint32_t ptscr
uint32_t isr
uint32_t imr
uint32_t ier
uint32_t ihr
uint32_t txdp
uint32_t txdp_hi
uint32_t txcfg
uint32_t gpior
uint32_t rxdp
uint32_t rxdp_hi
uint32_t rxcfg
uint32_t pqcr
uint32_t wcsr
uint32_t pcr
uint32_t rfcr
uint32_t rfdr
uint32_t brar
uint32_t brdr
uint32_t srr
uint32_t mibc
uint32_t vrcr
uint32_t vtcr
uint32_t vdr
uint32_t ccsr
uint32_t tbicr
uint32_t tbisr
uint32_t tanar
uint32_t tanlpar
uint32_t taner
uint32_t tesr

Detailed Description

Ethernet device registers.

Definition at line 64 of file ns_gige.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ brar

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::brar

◆ brdr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::brdr

Definition at line 87 of file ns_gige.hh.

Referenced by gem5::NSGigE::serialize(), and gem5::NSGigE::unserialize().

◆ ccsr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::ccsr

◆ command

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::command

◆ config

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::config

◆ gpior

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::gpior

◆ ier

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::ier

◆ ihr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::ihr

◆ imr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::imr

◆ isr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::isr

◆ mear

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::mear

◆ mibc

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::mibc

◆ pcr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::pcr

◆ pqcr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::pqcr

◆ ptscr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::ptscr

◆ rfcr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::rfcr

◆ rfdr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::rfdr

Definition at line 85 of file ns_gige.hh.

Referenced by gem5::NSGigE::serialize(), and gem5::NSGigE::unserialize().

◆ rxcfg

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::rxcfg

◆ rxdp

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::rxdp

◆ rxdp_hi

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::rxdp_hi

◆ srr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::srr

◆ tanar

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::tanar

◆ taner

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::taner

◆ tanlpar

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::tanlpar

◆ tbicr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::tbicr

◆ tbisr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::tbisr

◆ tesr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::tesr

◆ txcfg

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::txcfg

◆ txdp

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::txdp

◆ txdp_hi

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::txdp_hi

◆ vdr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::vdr

◆ vrcr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::vrcr

◆ vtcr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::vtcr

◆ wcsr

uint32_t gem5::dp_regs::wcsr

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