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gem5::Sparc32Linux Class Reference

#include <linux.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gem5::Sparc32Linux:
gem5::SparcLinux gem5::Linux gem5::OpenFlagTable< SparcLinux > gem5::OperatingSystem


struct  tgt_stat64
struct  tgt_sysinfo

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_NPROC = 7
 Resource constants for getrlimit() (overide some generics). More...
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_NOFILE = 6
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gem5::SparcLinux
static const ByteOrder byteOrder = ByteOrder::big
static const int TGT_SIGHUP = 0x000001
static const int TGT_SIGINT = 0x000002
static const int TGT_SIGQUIT = 0x000003
static const int TGT_SIGILL = 0x000004
static const int TGT_SIGTRAP = 0x000005
static const int TGT_SIGABRT = 0x000006
static const int TGT_SIGIOT = 0x000006
static const int TGT_SIGEMT = 0x000007
static const int TGT_SIGFPE = 0x000008
static const int TGT_SIGKILL = 0x000009
static const int TGT_SIGBUS = 0x00000a
static const int TGT_SIGSEGV = 0x00000b
static const int TGT_SIGSYS = 0x00000c
static const int TGT_SIGPIPE = 0x00000d
static const int TGT_SIGALRM = 0x00000e
static const int TGT_SIGTERM = 0x00000f
static const int TGT_SIGURG = 0x000010
static const int TGT_SIGSTOP = 0x000011
static const int TGT_SIGTSTP = 0x000012
static const int TGT_SIGCONT = 0x000013
static const int TGT_SIGCHLD = 0x000014
static const int TGT_SIGTTIN = 0x000015
static const int TGT_SIGTTOU = 0x000016
static const int TGT_SIGIO = 0x000017
static const int TGT_SIGPOLL = 0x000017
static const int TGT_SIGXCPU = 0x000018
static const int TGT_SIGXFSZ = 0x000019
static const int TGT_SIGVTALRM = 0x00001a
static const int TGT_SIGPROF = 0x00001b
static const int TGT_SIGWINCH = 0x00001c
static const int TGT_SIGLOST = 0x00001d
static const int TGT_SIGPWR = 0x00001d
static const int TGT_SIGUSR1 = 0x00001e
static const int TGT_SIGUSR2 = 0x00001f
static constexpr int TGT_O_RDONLY = 0x00000000
 O_RDONLY. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_WRONLY = 0x00000001
 O_WRONLY. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_RDWR = 0x00000002
 O_RDWR. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_NONBLOCK = 0x00004000
 O_NONBLOCK. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_APPEND = 0x00000008
 O_APPEND. More...
static constexpr int TGT_FASYNC = 0x00000040
 FASYNC. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_CREAT = 0x00000200
 O_CREAT. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_TRUNC = 0x00000400
 O_TRUNC. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_EXCL = 0x00000800
 O_EXCL. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_NOCTTY = 0x00008000
 O_NOCTTY. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_DSYNC = 0x00002000
 O_DSYNC. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_LARGEFILE = 0x00040000
static constexpr int TGT_O_DIRECT = 0x00100000
 O_DIRECT. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_NOATIME = 0x00200000
 O_NOATIME. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_CLOEXEC = 0x00400000
 O_CLOEXEC. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_SYNC = 0x00802000
 O_SYNC. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_PATH = 0x01000000
 O_PATH. More...
static constexpr int TGT_O_DIRECTORY = 000200000
static constexpr int TGT_O_NOFOLLOW = 000400000
 O_NOFOLLOW. More...
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_SHARED = 0x00001
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_PRIVATE = 0x00002
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_ANON = 0x00020
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_DENYWRITE = 0x00800
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_EXECUTABLE = 0x01000
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_FILE = 0x00000
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_GROWSDOWN = 0x00200
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_HUGETLB = 0x40000
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_LOCKED = 0x00100
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_NONBLOCK = 0x10000
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_NORESERVE = 0x00040
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_POPULATE = 0x08000
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_STACK = 0x20000
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_ANONYMOUS = 0x00020
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_FIXED = 0x00010
static constexpr unsigned TGT_MAP_INHERIT = 0x00080
static const unsigned TGT_TCGETA = 0x40125401
 ioctl() command codes. More...
static const unsigned TGT_TCSETAW = 0x80125403
static const unsigned TGT_TCGETS = 0x40385408
static const unsigned TGT_FIONREAD = 0x4004667f
static const unsigned TGT_TIOCGETP = 0x40067408
static const unsigned TGT_TIOCSETP = 0x80067409
static const unsigned TGT_TIOCSETN = 0x8006740a
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gem5::Linux
static const int _SYS_NMLN = 65
 Length of strings in struct utsname (plus 1 for null char). More...
static const int M5_SC_CLK_TCK = 100
 Clock ticks per second, for times(). More...
static const unsigned TGT_TCGETS = 0x5401
 ioctl() command codes. More...
static const unsigned TGT_TCGETA = 0x5405
static const unsigned TGT_TCSETAW = 0x5407
static const unsigned TGT_FIONREAD = 0x541B
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_CPU = 0
 Resource constants for getrlimit(). More...
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_FSIZE = 1
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_DATA = 2
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_STACK = 3
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_CORE = 4
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_RSS = 5
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_NPROC = 6
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_NOFILE = 7
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_MEMLOCK = 8
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_AS = 9
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_LOCKS = 10
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_SIGPENDING = 11
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_MSGQUEUE = 12
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_NICE = 13
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_RTPRIO = 14
static const unsigned TGT_RLIMIT_RTTIME = 15
static const unsigned TGT_RLIM_NLIMITS = 16
static const int TGT_RUSAGE_SELF = 0
 For getrusage(). More...
static const int TGT_RUSAGE_CHILDREN = -1
static const int TGT_RUSAGE_BOTH = -2
static Random random
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_WAIT = 0
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_WAKE = 1
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_REQUEUE = 3
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_CMP_REQUEUE = 4
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_WAKE_OP = 5
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_WAIT_BITSET = 9
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_WAKE_BITSET = 10
static const unsigned TGT_EAGAIN = 11
static const unsigned TGT_EWOULDBLOCK = TGT_EAGAIN
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_PRIVATE_FLAG = 128
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME_FLAG = 256
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_SET = 0
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_ADD = 1
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_OR = 2
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_ANDN = 3
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_XOR = 4
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_ARG_SHIFT = 8
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_CMP_EQ = 0
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_CMP_NE = 1
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_CMP_LT = 2
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_CMP_LE = 3
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_CMP_GT = 4
static const unsigned TGT_FUTEX_OP_CMP_GE = 5
static const int TGT_AT_FDCWD = -100
static const int TGT_AT_REMOVEDIR = 0x200
static const int TGT_AT_SYMLINK_FOLLOW = 0x400
static const int TGT_AT_NO_AUTOMOUNT = 0x800
static const int TGT_AT_EMPTY_PATH = 0x1000
static const unsigned TGT_MREMAP_MAYMOVE = 0x1
static const unsigned TGT_MREMAP_FIXED = 0x2
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_VM = 0x00000100
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_FS = 0x00000200
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_FILES = 0x00000400
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_SIGHAND = 0x00000800
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_PIDFD = 0x00001000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_PTRACE = 0x00002000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_VFORK = 0x00004000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_PARENT = 0x00008000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_THREAD = 0x00010000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_NEWNS = 0x00020000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_SYSVSEM = 0x00040000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_SETTLS = 0x00080000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_PARENT_SETTID = 0x00100000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_CHILD_CLEARTID = 0x00200000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_DETACHED = 0x00400000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_UNTRACED = 0x00800000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_CHILD_SETTID = 0x01000000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_NEWUTS = 0x04000000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_NEWIPC = 0x08000000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_NEWUSER = 0x10000000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_NEWPID = 0x20000000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_NEWNET = 0x40000000
static const unsigned TGT_CLONE_IO = 0x80000000
static const unsigned TGT_WNOHANG = 0x00000001
static const unsigned TGT_WUNTRACED = 0x00000002
static const unsigned TGT_WSTOPPED = TGT_WUNTRACED
static const unsigned TGT_WEXITED = 0x00000004
static const unsigned TGT_WCONTINUED = 0x00000008
static const unsigned TGT_WNOWAIT = 0x01000000
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gem5::OperatingSystem
static const int _SYS_NMLN = 65
 Length of strings in struct utsname (plus 1 for null char). More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gem5::OpenFlagTable< SparcLinux >
static const std::map< int, int > openFlagTable

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gem5::Linux
typedef uint64_t size_t
 Basic Linux types. More...
typedef uint64_t off_t
typedef int64_t time_t
typedef int64_t clock_t
typedef uint32_t uid_t
typedef uint32_t gid_t
- Public Types inherited from gem5::OperatingSystem
typedef void tgt_stat
 Stat buffer. More...
typedef void tgt_stat64
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::SparcLinux
static bool isTtyReq (unsigned req)
static void archClone (uint64_t flags, Process *pp, Process *cp, ThreadContext *ptc, ThreadContext *ctc, uint64_t stack, uint64_t tls)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Linux
static bool isTtyReq (unsigned req)
 Return true for the ioctl codes for which we return ENOTTY without printing a warning, since we know that ENOTTY is the correct thing to return (and not just a sign that we don't recognize the ioctl code. More...
static int openSpecialFile (std::string path, Process *process, ThreadContext *tc)
static std::string procMeminfo (Process *process, ThreadContext *tc)
static std::string etcPasswd (Process *process, ThreadContext *tc)
static std::string procSelfMaps (Process *process, ThreadContext *tc)
static std::string cpuOnline (Process *process, ThreadContext *tc)
static std::string devRandom (Process *process, ThreadContext *tc)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::OperatingSystem
static int openSpecialFile (std::string path, Process *process, ThreadContext *tc)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 247 of file linux.hh.

Member Data Documentation


const unsigned gem5::Sparc32Linux::TGT_RLIMIT_NOFILE = 6

Definition at line 293 of file linux.hh.


const unsigned gem5::Sparc32Linux::TGT_RLIMIT_NPROC = 7

Resource constants for getrlimit() (overide some generics).

Definition at line 292 of file linux.hh.

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