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gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion Class Reference

FU completion event class. More...

#include <inst_queue.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion:
gem5::Event gem5::EventBase gem5::Serializable

Public Member Functions

 FUCompletion (const DynInstPtr &_inst, int fu_idx, InstructionQueue *iq_ptr)
 Construct a FU completion event.
virtual void process ()
virtual const char * description () const
 Return a C string describing the event.
void setFreeFU ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Event
 Event (Priority p=Default_Pri, Flags f=0)
bool scheduled () const
 Determine if the current event is scheduled.
void squash ()
 Squash the current event.
bool squashed () const
 Check whether the event is squashed.
bool isExitEvent () const
 See if this is a SimExitEvent (without resorting to RTTI)
bool isManaged () const
 Check whether this event will auto-delete.
bool isAutoDelete () const
 The function returns true if the object is automatically deleted after the event is processed.
Tick when () const
 Get the time that the event is scheduled.
Priority priority () const
 Get the event priority.
virtual BaseGlobalEventglobalEvent ()
 If this is part of a GlobalEvent, return the pointer to the Global Event.
void serialize (CheckpointOut &cp) const override
 Serialize an object.
void unserialize (CheckpointIn &cp) override
 Unserialize an object.
virtual ~Event ()
virtual const std::string name () const
void dump () const
 Dump the current event data.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Serializable
 Serializable ()
virtual ~Serializable ()
void serializeSection (CheckpointOut &cp, const char *name) const
 Serialize an object into a new section.
void serializeSection (CheckpointOut &cp, const std::string &name) const
void unserializeSection (CheckpointIn &cp, const char *name)
 Unserialize an a child object.
void unserializeSection (CheckpointIn &cp, const std::string &name)

Private Attributes

DynInstPtr inst
 Executing instruction.
int fuIdx
 Index of the FU used for executing.
 Pointer back to the instruction queue.
bool freeFU
 Should the FU be added to the list to be freed upon completing this event.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gem5::EventBase
typedef int8_t Priority
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Serializable
static const std::string & currentSection ()
 Gets the fully-qualified name of the active section.
static void generateCheckpointOut (const std::string &cpt_dir, std::ofstream &outstream)
 Generate a checkpoint file so that the serialization can be routed to it.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gem5::EventBase
static const Priority Minimum_Pri = SCHAR_MIN
 Event priorities, to provide tie-breakers for events scheduled at the same cycle.
static const Priority Debug_Enable_Pri = -101
 If we enable tracing on a particular cycle, do that as the very first thing so we don't miss any of the events on that cycle (even if we enter the debugger).
static const Priority Debug_Break_Pri = -100
 Breakpoints should happen before anything else (except enabling trace output), so we don't miss any action when debugging.
static const Priority CPU_Switch_Pri = -31
 CPU switches schedule the new CPU's tick event for the same cycle (after unscheduling the old CPU's tick event).
static const Priority Delayed_Writeback_Pri = -1
 For some reason "delayed" inter-cluster writebacks are scheduled before regular writebacks (which have default priority).
static const Priority Default_Pri = 0
 Default is zero for historical reasons.
static const Priority DVFS_Update_Pri = 31
 DVFS update event leads to stats dump therefore given a lower priority to ensure all relevant states have been updated.
static const Priority Serialize_Pri = 32
 Serailization needs to occur before tick events also, so that a serialize/unserialize is identical to an on-line CPU switch.
static const Priority CPU_Tick_Pri = 50
 CPU ticks must come after other associated CPU events (such as writebacks).
static const Priority CPU_Exit_Pri = 64
 If we want to exit a thread in a CPU, it comes after CPU_Tick_Pri.
static const Priority Stat_Event_Pri = 90
 Statistics events (dump, reset, etc.) come after everything else, but before exit.
static const Priority Progress_Event_Pri = 95
 Progress events come at the end.
static const Priority Sim_Exit_Pri = 100
 If we want to exit on this cycle, it's the very last thing we do.
static const Priority Maximum_Pri = SCHAR_MAX
 Maximum priority.
- Protected Types inherited from gem5::EventBase
typedef unsigned short FlagsType
typedef ::gem5::Flags< FlagsTypeFlags
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gem5::Event
Flags getFlags () const
bool isFlagSet (Flags _flags) const
void setFlags (Flags _flags)
void clearFlags (Flags _flags)
void clearFlags ()
virtual void trace (const char *action)
 This function isn't really useful if TRACING_ON is not defined.
const std::string instanceString () const
 Return the instance number as a string.
void acquire ()
 Memory management hooks for events that have the Managed flag set.
void release ()
 Managed event removed from the event queue.
virtual void acquireImpl ()
virtual void releaseImpl ()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::EventBase
static const FlagsType PublicRead = 0x003f
static const FlagsType PublicWrite = 0x001d
static const FlagsType Squashed = 0x0001
static const FlagsType Scheduled = 0x0002
static const FlagsType Managed = 0x0004
static const FlagsType AutoDelete = Managed
static const FlagsType Reserved0 = 0x0008
 This used to be AutoSerialize.
static const FlagsType IsExitEvent = 0x0010
static const FlagsType IsMainQueue = 0x0020
static const FlagsType Initialized = 0x7a40
static const FlagsType InitMask = 0xffc0

Detailed Description

FU completion event class.

Definition at line 105 of file inst_queue.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FUCompletion()

gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::FUCompletion ( const DynInstPtr & _inst,
int fu_idx,
InstructionQueue * iq_ptr )

Construct a FU completion event.

Definition at line 66 of file

Member Function Documentation

◆ description()

const char * gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::description ( ) const

Return a C string describing the event.

This string should not be dynamically allocated; just a const char array describing the event class.

Reimplemented from gem5::Event.

Definition at line 82 of file

◆ process()

void gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::process ( )

Implements gem5::Event.

Definition at line 74 of file

◆ setFreeFU()

void gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::setFreeFU ( )

Definition at line 129 of file inst_queue.hh.

References freeFU.

Referenced by gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::scheduleReadyInsts().

Member Data Documentation

◆ freeFU

bool gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::freeFU

Should the FU be added to the list to be freed upon completing this event.

Definition at line 120 of file inst_queue.hh.

Referenced by setFreeFU().

◆ fuIdx

int gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::fuIdx

Index of the FU used for executing.

Definition at line 112 of file inst_queue.hh.

◆ inst

DynInstPtr gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::inst

Executing instruction.

Definition at line 109 of file inst_queue.hh.

◆ iqPtr

InstructionQueue* gem5::o3::InstructionQueue::FUCompletion::iqPtr

Pointer back to the instruction queue.

Definition at line 115 of file inst_queue.hh.

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