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gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats Struct Reference

#include <wavefront.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 WavefrontStats (statistics::Group *parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::statistics::Group
 Group (Group *parent, const char *name=nullptr)
 Construct a new statistics group. More...
virtual ~Group ()
virtual void regStats ()
 Callback to set stat parameters. More...
virtual void resetStats ()
 Callback to reset stats. More...
virtual void preDumpStats ()
 Callback before stats are dumped. More...
void addStat (statistics::Info *info)
 Register a stat with this group. More...
const std::map< std::string, Group * > & getStatGroups () const
 Get all child groups associated with this object. More...
const std::vector< Info * > & getStats () const
 Get all stats associated with this object. More...
void addStatGroup (const char *name, Group *block)
 Add a stat block as a child of this block. More...
const InforesolveStat (std::string name) const
 Resolve a stat by its name within this group. More...
void mergeStatGroup (Group *block)
 Merge the contents (stats & children) of a block to this block. More...
 Group ()=delete
 Group (const Group &)=delete
Groupoperator= (const Group &)=delete

Public Attributes

statistics::Scalar numInstrExecuted
statistics::Scalar schCycles
statistics::Scalar schStalls
statistics::Scalar schRfAccessStalls
statistics::Scalar schResourceStalls
statistics::Scalar schOpdNrdyStalls
statistics::Scalar schLdsArbStalls
statistics::Scalar numTimesBlockedDueWAXDependencies
statistics::Scalar numTimesBlockedDueRAWDependencies
statistics::Distribution vecRawDistance
statistics::Distribution readsPerWrite

Detailed Description

Definition at line 334 of file wavefront.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WavefrontStats()

gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::WavefrontStats ( statistics::Group parent)

Member Data Documentation

◆ numInstrExecuted

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::numInstrExecuted

Definition at line 340 of file wavefront.hh.

Referenced by gem5::Wavefront::exec().

◆ numTimesBlockedDueRAWDependencies

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::numTimesBlockedDueRAWDependencies

Definition at line 368 of file wavefront.hh.

◆ numTimesBlockedDueWAXDependencies

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::numTimesBlockedDueWAXDependencies

Definition at line 365 of file wavefront.hh.

◆ readsPerWrite

statistics::Distribution gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::readsPerWrite

◆ schCycles

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::schCycles

◆ schLdsArbStalls

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::schLdsArbStalls

Definition at line 361 of file wavefront.hh.

◆ schOpdNrdyStalls

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::schOpdNrdyStalls

Definition at line 357 of file wavefront.hh.

Referenced by gem5::ScheduleStage::checkRfOperandReadComplete().

◆ schResourceStalls

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::schResourceStalls

Definition at line 355 of file wavefront.hh.

◆ schRfAccessStalls

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::schRfAccessStalls

◆ schStalls

statistics::Scalar gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::schStalls

◆ vecRawDistance

statistics::Distribution gem5::Wavefront::WavefrontStats::vecRawDistance

Definition at line 372 of file wavefront.hh.

Referenced by gem5::Wavefront::exec(), and WavefrontStats().

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