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gem5::branch_prediction::MPP_TAGE_8KB Class Reference

#include <multiperspective_perceptron_tage_8KB.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gem5::branch_prediction::MPP_TAGE_8KB:
gem5::branch_prediction::MPP_TAGE gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase gem5::SimObject gem5::EventManager gem5::Serializable gem5::Drainable gem5::statistics::Group gem5::Named

Public Member Functions

 MPP_TAGE_8KB (const MPP_TAGE_8KBParams &p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::branch_prediction::MPP_TAGE
 MPP_TAGE (const MPP_TAGEParams &p)
void calculateParameters () override
 Calculates the history lengths and some other paramters in derived classes.
void handleTAGEUpdate (Addr branch_pc, bool taken, TAGEBase::BranchInfo *bi) override
 Handles the update of the TAGE entries.
void handleAllocAndUReset (bool alloc, bool taken, TAGEBase::BranchInfo *bi, int nrand) override
 Handles Allocation and U bits reset on an update.
void handleUReset () override
 Handles the U bits reset.
void resetUctr (uint8_t &u) override
 Algorithm for resetting a single U counter.
int bindex (Addr pc_in) const override
 Computes the index used to access the bimodal table.
bool isHighConfidence (TAGEBase::BranchInfo *bi) const override
unsigned getUseAltIdx (TAGEBase::BranchInfo *bi, Addr branch_pc) override
 Calculation of the index for useAltPredForNewlyAllocated On this base TAGE implementation it is always 0.
void adjustAlloc (bool &alloc, bool taken, bool pred_taken) override
 Extra calculation to tell whether TAGE allocaitons may happen or not on an update For this base TAGE implementation it does nothing.
void updateHistories (ThreadID tid, Addr branch_pc, bool taken, TAGEBase::BranchInfo *b, bool speculative, const StaticInstPtr &inst, Addr target) override
 (Speculatively) updates global histories (path and direction).
void updatePathAndGlobalHistory (ThreadHistory &tHist, int brtype, bool taken, Addr branch_pc, Addr target)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase
 TAGEBase (const TAGEBaseParams &p)
void init () override
 init() is called after all C++ SimObjects have been created and all ports are connected.
virtual BranchInfomakeBranchInfo ()
virtual int gindex (ThreadID tid, Addr pc, int bank) const
 Computes the index used to access a partially tagged table.
virtual int F (int phist, int size, int bank) const
 Utility function to shuffle the path history depending on which tagged table we are accessing.
virtual uint16_t gtag (ThreadID tid, Addr pc, int bank) const
 Computes the partial tag of a tagged table.
virtual bool getBimodePred (Addr pc, BranchInfo *bi) const
 Get a branch prediction from the bimodal predictor.
void baseUpdate (Addr pc, bool taken, BranchInfo *bi)
 Updates the bimodal predictor.
void updateGHist (uint8_t *&h, bool dir, uint8_t *tab, int &PT)
 (Speculatively) updates the global branch history.
void update (ThreadID tid, Addr branch_pc, bool taken, BranchInfo *bi)
 Update TAGE.
virtual void squash (ThreadID tid, bool taken, BranchInfo *bi, Addr target)
 Restores speculatively updated path and direction histories.
virtual void condBranchUpdate (ThreadID tid, Addr branch_pc, bool taken, BranchInfo *bi, int nrand, Addr corrTarget, bool pred, bool preAdjustAlloc=false)
 Update TAGE for conditional branches.
bool tagePredict (ThreadID tid, Addr branch_pc, bool cond_branch, BranchInfo *bi)
 TAGE prediction called from TAGE::predict.
virtual void updateStats (bool taken, BranchInfo *bi)
 Update the stats.
virtual void buildTageTables ()
 Instantiates the TAGE table entries.
virtual void calculateIndicesAndTags (ThreadID tid, Addr branch_pc, BranchInfo *bi)
 On a prediction, calculates the TAGE indices and tags for all the different history lengths.
virtual void extraAltCalc (BranchInfo *bi)
 Extra steps for calculating altTaken For this base TAGE class it does nothing.
void btbUpdate (ThreadID tid, Addr branch_addr, BranchInfo *&bi)
unsigned getGHR (ThreadID tid, BranchInfo *bi) const
int8_t getCtr (int hitBank, int hitBankIndex) const
unsigned getTageCtrBits () const
int getPathHist (ThreadID tid) const
bool isSpeculativeUpdateEnabled () const
size_t getSizeInBits () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::SimObject
const Paramsparams () const
 SimObject (const Params &p)
virtual ~SimObject ()
virtual void loadState (CheckpointIn &cp)
 loadState() is called on each SimObject when restoring from a checkpoint.
virtual void initState ()
 initState() is called on each SimObject when not restoring from a checkpoint.
virtual void regProbePoints ()
 Register probe points for this object.
virtual void regProbeListeners ()
 Register probe listeners for this object.
ProbeManagergetProbeManager ()
 Get the probe manager for this object.
virtual PortgetPort (const std::string &if_name, PortID idx=InvalidPortID)
 Get a port with a given name and index.
virtual void startup ()
 startup() is the final initialization call before simulation.
DrainState drain () override
 Provide a default implementation of the drain interface for objects that don't need draining.
virtual void memWriteback ()
 Write back dirty buffers to memory using functional writes.
virtual void memInvalidate ()
 Invalidate the contents of memory buffers.
void serialize (CheckpointOut &cp) const override
 Serialize an object.
void unserialize (CheckpointIn &cp) override
 Unserialize an object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::EventManager
EventQueueeventQueue () const
void schedule (Event &event, Tick when)
void deschedule (Event &event)
void reschedule (Event &event, Tick when, bool always=false)
void schedule (Event *event, Tick when)
void deschedule (Event *event)
void reschedule (Event *event, Tick when, bool always=false)
void wakeupEventQueue (Tick when=(Tick) -1)
 This function is not needed by the usual gem5 event loop but may be necessary in derived EventQueues which host gem5 on other schedulers.
void setCurTick (Tick newVal)
 EventManager (EventManager &em)
 Event manger manages events in the event queue.
 EventManager (EventManager *em)
 EventManager (EventQueue *eq)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Serializable
 Serializable ()
virtual ~Serializable ()
void serializeSection (CheckpointOut &cp, const char *name) const
 Serialize an object into a new section.
void serializeSection (CheckpointOut &cp, const std::string &name) const
void unserializeSection (CheckpointIn &cp, const char *name)
 Unserialize an a child object.
void unserializeSection (CheckpointIn &cp, const std::string &name)
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Drainable
DrainState drainState () const
 Return the current drain state of an object.
virtual void notifyFork ()
 Notify a child process of a fork.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::statistics::Group
 Group (Group *parent, const char *name=nullptr)
 Construct a new statistics group.
virtual ~Group ()
virtual void regStats ()
 Callback to set stat parameters.
virtual void resetStats ()
 Callback to reset stats.
virtual void preDumpStats ()
 Callback before stats are dumped.
void addStat (statistics::Info *info)
 Register a stat with this group.
const std::map< std::string, Group * > & getStatGroups () const
 Get all child groups associated with this object.
const std::vector< Info * > & getStats () const
 Get all stats associated with this object.
void addStatGroup (const char *name, Group *block)
 Add a stat block as a child of this block.
const InforesolveStat (std::string name) const
 Resolve a stat by its name within this group.
void mergeStatGroup (Group *block)
 Merge the contents (stats & children) of a block to this block.
 Group ()=delete
 Group (const Group &)=delete
Groupoperator= (const Group &)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Named
 Named (const std::string &name_)
virtual ~Named ()=default
virtual std::string name () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase
enum  {
- Public Types inherited from gem5::SimObject
typedef SimObjectParams Params
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase
template<typename T >
static void ctrUpdate (T &ctr, bool taken, int nbits)
 Updates a direction counter based on the actual branch outcome.
static void unsignedCtrUpdate (uint8_t &ctr, bool up, unsigned nbits)
 Updates an unsigned counter based on up/down parameter.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::SimObject
static void serializeAll (const std::string &cpt_dir)
 Create a checkpoint by serializing all SimObjects in the system.
static SimObjectfind (const char *name)
 Find the SimObject with the given name and return a pointer to it.
static void setSimObjectResolver (SimObjectResolver *resolver)
 There is a single object name resolver, and it is only set when simulation is restoring from checkpoints.
static SimObjectResolvergetSimObjectResolver ()
 There is a single object name resolver, and it is only set when simulation is restoring from checkpoints.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::Serializable
static const std::string & currentSection ()
 Gets the fully-qualified name of the active section.
static void generateCheckpointOut (const std::string &cpt_dir, std::ofstream &outstream)
 Generate a checkpoint file so that the serialization can be routed to it.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase
virtual void initFoldedHistories (ThreadHistory &history)
 Initialization of the folded histories.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gem5::Drainable
 Drainable ()
virtual ~Drainable ()
virtual void drainResume ()
 Resume execution after a successful drain.
void signalDrainDone () const
 Signal that an object is drained.
- Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase
const unsigned logRatioBiModalHystEntries
const unsigned nHistoryTables
const unsigned tagTableCounterBits
const unsigned tagTableUBits
const unsigned histBufferSize
const unsigned minHist
const unsigned maxHist
const unsigned pathHistBits
std::vector< unsigned > tagTableTagWidths
std::vector< int > logTagTableSizes
std::vector< bool > btablePrediction
std::vector< bool > btableHysteresis
TageEntry ** gtable
std::vector< ThreadHistorythreadHistory
int * histLengths
int * tableIndices
int * tableTags
std::vector< int8_t > useAltPredForNewlyAllocated
int64_t tCounter
uint64_t logUResetPeriod
const int64_t initialTCounterValue
unsigned numUseAltOnNa
unsigned useAltOnNaBits
unsigned maxNumAlloc
std::vector< bool > noSkip
const bool speculativeHistUpdate
const unsigned instShiftAmt
bool initialized
gem5::branch_prediction::TAGEBase::TAGEBaseStats stats
- Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::SimObject
const SimObjectParams & _params
 Cached copy of the object parameters.
- Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::EventManager
 A pointer to this object's event queue.

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gem5::branch_prediction::MPP_TAGE_8KB::MPP_TAGE_8KB ( const MPP_TAGE_8KBParams & p)

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