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gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm Struct Reference

#include <comm.hh>

Public Attributes

std::unique_ptr< PCStateBasenextPC
DynInstPtr mispredictInst
DynInstPtr squashInst
InstSeqNum doneSeqNum
Addr mispredPC
uint64_t branchAddr
unsigned branchCount
bool squash
bool predIncorrect
bool branchMispredict
bool branchTaken

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file comm.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ branchAddr

uint64_t gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::branchAddr

Definition at line 121 of file comm.hh.

◆ branchCount

unsigned gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::branchCount

Definition at line 122 of file comm.hh.

◆ branchMispredict

bool gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::branchMispredict

Definition at line 125 of file comm.hh.

◆ branchTaken

bool gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::branchTaken

Definition at line 126 of file comm.hh.

◆ doneSeqNum

InstSeqNum gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::doneSeqNum

Definition at line 119 of file comm.hh.

◆ mispredictInst

DynInstPtr gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::mispredictInst

Definition at line 117 of file comm.hh.

◆ mispredPC

Addr gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::mispredPC

Definition at line 120 of file comm.hh.

◆ nextPC

std::unique_ptr<PCStateBase> gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::nextPC

Definition at line 116 of file comm.hh.

◆ predIncorrect

bool gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::predIncorrect

Definition at line 124 of file comm.hh.

◆ squash

bool gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::squash

Definition at line 123 of file comm.hh.

◆ squashInst

DynInstPtr gem5::o3::TimeStruct::DecodeComm::squashInst

Definition at line 118 of file comm.hh.

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