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gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap Class Reference

#include <tlb_map.hh>

Public Types

typedef RangeMap::iterator iterator

Public Member Functions

iterator find (const TlbRange &r)
bool intersect (const TlbRange &r)
iterator insert (TlbRange &r, TlbEntry *d)
size_t erase (TlbRange k)
void erase (iterator p)
void erase (iterator p, iterator q)
void clear ()
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
size_t size ()
bool empty ()
void print ()

Private Types

typedef std::map< TlbRange, TlbEntry * > RangeMap

Private Attributes

RangeMap tree

Detailed Description

Definition at line 42 of file tlb_map.hh.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ iterator

typedef RangeMap::iterator gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::iterator

Definition at line 49 of file tlb_map.hh.

◆ RangeMap

typedef std::map<TlbRange, TlbEntry*> gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::RangeMap

Definition at line 45 of file tlb_map.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ begin()

iterator gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::begin ( )

Definition at line 130 of file tlb_map.hh.

References tree.

Referenced by gem5::SparcISA::TLB::clearUsedBits().

◆ clear()

void gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::clear ( )

Definition at line 124 of file tlb_map.hh.

References tree.

Referenced by gem5::SparcISA::TLB::flushAll(), and gem5::SparcISA::TLB::unserialize().

◆ empty()

bool gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::empty ( )

Definition at line 148 of file tlb_map.hh.

References tree.

◆ end()

iterator gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::end ( )

◆ erase() [1/3]

void gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::erase ( iterator  p)

Definition at line 112 of file tlb_map.hh.

References gem5::VegaISA::p, and tree.

◆ erase() [2/3]

void gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::erase ( iterator  p,
iterator  q 

Definition at line 118 of file tlb_map.hh.

References gem5::VegaISA::p, gem5::ArmISA::q, and tree.

◆ erase() [3/3]

size_t gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::erase ( TlbRange  k)

◆ find()

iterator gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::find ( const TlbRange r)

◆ insert()

iterator gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::insert ( TlbRange r,
TlbEntry d 

◆ intersect()

bool gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::intersect ( const TlbRange r)

Definition at line 86 of file tlb_map.hh.

References find(), gem5::ArmISA::i, gem5::VegaISA::r, and tree.

Referenced by insert().

◆ print()

void gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::print ( )

Definition at line 154 of file tlb_map.hh.

References gem5::ArmISA::i, and tree.

◆ size()

size_t gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::size ( )

Definition at line 142 of file tlb_map.hh.

References tree.

Member Data Documentation

◆ tree

RangeMap gem5::SparcISA::TlbMap::tree

Definition at line 46 of file tlb_map.hh.

Referenced by begin(), clear(), empty(), end(), erase(), find(), insert(), intersect(), print(), and size().

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