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gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals Struct Reference

#include <faults.hh>

Public Member Functions

 FaultVals (const FaultName &name_, FaultOffset offset_, uint16_t curr_elt_offset, uint16_t curr_elh_offset, uint16_t lower_el64_offset, uint16_t lower_el32_offset, OperatingMode next_mode, uint8_t arm_pc_offset, uint8_t thumb_pc_offset, uint8_t arm_pc_elr_offset, uint8_t thumb_pc_elr_offset, bool hyp_trappable, bool abort_disable, bool fiq_disable, ExceptionClass ec_)

Public Attributes

const FaultName name
const FaultOffset offset
const uint16_t currELTOffset
const uint16_t currELHOffset
const uint16_t lowerEL64Offset
const uint16_t lowerEL32Offset
const OperatingMode nextMode
const uint8_t armPcOffset
const uint8_t thumbPcOffset
const uint8_t armPcElrOffset
const uint8_t thumbPcElrOffset
const bool hypTrappable
const bool abortDisable
const bool fiqDisable
const ExceptionClass ec

Detailed Description

Definition at line 166 of file faults.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FaultVals()

gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::FaultVals ( const FaultName name_,
FaultOffset  offset_,
uint16_t  curr_elt_offset,
uint16_t  curr_elh_offset,
uint16_t  lower_el64_offset,
uint16_t  lower_el32_offset,
OperatingMode  next_mode,
uint8_t  arm_pc_offset,
uint8_t  thumb_pc_offset,
uint8_t  arm_pc_elr_offset,
uint8_t  thumb_pc_elr_offset,
bool  hyp_trappable,
bool  abort_disable,
bool  fiq_disable,
ExceptionClass  ec_ 

Definition at line 196 of file faults.hh.

Member Data Documentation

◆ abortDisable

const bool gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::abortDisable

◆ armPcElrOffset

const uint8_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::armPcElrOffset

◆ armPcOffset

const uint8_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::armPcOffset

Definition at line 180 of file faults.hh.

Referenced by gem5::ArmISA::ArmFaultVals< FastInterrupt >::armPcOffset().

◆ currELHOffset

const uint16_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::currELHOffset

Definition at line 174 of file faults.hh.

◆ currELTOffset

const uint16_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::currELTOffset

Definition at line 173 of file faults.hh.

◆ ec

const ExceptionClass gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::ec

◆ fiqDisable

const bool gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::fiqDisable

Definition at line 190 of file faults.hh.

Referenced by gem5::ArmISA::ArmFaultVals< FastInterrupt >::fiqDisable().

◆ hypTrappable

const bool gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::hypTrappable

Definition at line 188 of file faults.hh.

◆ lowerEL32Offset

const uint16_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::lowerEL32Offset

Definition at line 176 of file faults.hh.

◆ lowerEL64Offset

const uint16_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::lowerEL64Offset

Definition at line 175 of file faults.hh.

◆ name

const FaultName gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::name

Definition at line 168 of file faults.hh.

Referenced by gem5::ArmISA::ArmFaultVals< FastInterrupt >::name().

◆ nextMode

const OperatingMode gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::nextMode

Definition at line 178 of file faults.hh.

Referenced by gem5::ArmISA::ArmFaultVals< FastInterrupt >::nextMode().

◆ offset

const FaultOffset gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::offset

Definition at line 170 of file faults.hh.

◆ thumbPcElrOffset

const uint8_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::thumbPcElrOffset

◆ thumbPcOffset

const uint8_t gem5::ArmISA::ArmFault::FaultVals::thumbPcOffset

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