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cpu.hh File Reference
#include "base/compiler.hh"
#include "base/random.hh"
#include "cpu/base.hh"
#include "cpu/minor/activity.hh"
#include "cpu/minor/stats.hh"
#include "cpu/simple_thread.hh"
#include "enums/ThreadPolicy.hh"
#include "params/MinorCPU.hh"

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class  gem5::MinorCPU
 MinorCPU is an in-order CPU model with four fixed pipeline stages: More...
class  gem5::MinorCPU::MinorCPUPort
 Provide a non-protected base class for Minor's Ports as derived classes are created by Fetch1 and Execute. More...


 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification


typedef SimpleThread gem5::minor::MinorThread
 Minor will use the SimpleThread state for now. More...


 gem5::GEM5_DEPRECATED_NAMESPACE (Minor, minor)

Detailed Description

Top level definition of the Minor in-order CPU model

Definition in file cpu.hh.

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