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minor Directory Reference


file [code]
file  activity.hh [code]
 ActivityRecoder from cpu/activity.h wrapped to provide evaluate and minorTrace.
file  buffers.hh [code]
 Classes for buffer, queue and FIFO behaviour.
file [code]
file  cpu.hh [code]
 Top level definition of the Minor in-order CPU model.
file [code]
file  decode.hh [code]
 Decode collects macro-ops from Fetch2 and splits them into micro-ops passed to Execute.
file [code]
file  dyn_inst.hh [code]
 The dynamic instruction and instruction/line id (sequence numbers) definition for Minor.
file  exec_context.hh [code]
 ExecContext bears the exec_context interface for Minor.
file [code]
file  execute.hh [code]
 All the fun of executing instructions from Decode and sending branch/new instruction stream info.
file [code]
file  fetch1.hh [code]
 Fetch1 is responsible for fetching "lines" from memory and passing them to Fetch2.
file [code]
file  fetch2.hh [code]
 Fetch2 receives lines of data from Fetch1, separates them into instructions and passes them to Decode.
file [code]
file  func_unit.hh [code]
 Execute function unit descriptions and pipeline implementations.
file [code]
file  lsq.hh [code]
 A load/store queue that allows outstanding reads and writes.
file [code]
file  pipe_data.hh [code]
 Contains class definitions for data flowing between pipeline stages in the top-level structure portion of this model.
file [code]
file  pipeline.hh [code]
 The constructed pipeline.
file [code]
file  scoreboard.hh [code]
 A simple instruction scoreboard for tracking dependencies in Execute.
file [code]
file  stats.hh [code]
 The stats for MinorCPU separated from the CPU definition.
file  trace.hh [code]
 This file contains miscellaneous classes and functions for formatting general trace information and also MinorTrace information.

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