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pipe_data.hh File Reference
#include "cpu/minor/buffers.hh"
#include "cpu/minor/dyn_inst.hh"
#include "cpu/base.hh"

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class  gem5::minor::BranchData
 Forward data betwen Execute and Fetch1 carrying change-of-address/stream information. More...
class  gem5::minor::ForwardLineData
 Line fetch data in the forward direction. More...
class  gem5::minor::ForwardInstData
 Forward flowing data between Fetch2,Decode,Execute carrying a packet of instructions of a width appropriate to the configured stage widths. More...


 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification


 gem5::GEM5_DEPRECATED_NAMESPACE (Minor, minor)
std::ostream & gem5::minor::operator<< (std::ostream &os, BranchData::Reason reason)
 Print a branch reason enum. More...
std::ostream & gem5::minor::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const BranchData &branch)
 Print BranchData contents in a format suitable for DPRINTF comments, not for MinorTrace. More...


const unsigned int gem5::minor::MAX_FORWARD_INSTS = 16
 Maximum number of instructions that can be carried by the pipeline. More...

Detailed Description

Contains class definitions for data flowing between pipeline stages in the top-level structure portion of this model. Latch types are also defined which pair forward/backward flowing data specific to each stage pair.

No post-configuration inter-stage communication should ever take place outside these classes (except for reservation!)

Definition in file pipe_data.hh.

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