gem5  v21.2.0.0
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#include "arch/x86/utility.hh"
#include "arch/x86/interrupts.hh"
#include "arch/x86/mmu.hh"
#include "arch/x86/regs/ccr.hh"
#include "arch/x86/regs/float.hh"
#include "arch/x86/regs/int.hh"
#include "arch/x86/regs/misc.hh"
#include "arch/x86/x86_traits.hh"
#include "cpu/base.hh"
#include "fputils/fp80.h"

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 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification
 This is exposed globally, independent of the ISA.


uint64_t gem5::X86ISA::getRFlags (ThreadContext *tc)
 Reconstruct the rflags register from the internal gem5 register state. More...
void gem5::X86ISA::setRFlags (ThreadContext *tc, uint64_t val)
 Set update the rflags register and internal gem5 state. More...
uint8_t gem5::X86ISA::convX87TagsToXTags (uint16_t ftw)
 Convert an x87 tag word to abridged tag format. More...
uint16_t gem5::X86ISA::convX87XTagsToTags (uint8_t ftwx)
 Convert an x87 xtag word to normal tags format. More...
uint16_t gem5::X86ISA::genX87Tags (uint16_t ftw, uint8_t top, int8_t spm)
 Generate and updated x87 tag register after a push/pop operation. More...
double gem5::X86ISA::loadFloat80 (const void *mem)
 Load an 80-bit float from memory and convert it to double. More...
void gem5::X86ISA::storeFloat80 (void *mem, double value)
 Convert and store a double as an 80-bit float. More...

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