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SparcISA::SparcStaticInst Class Reference

Base class for all SPARC static instructions. More...

#include <static_inst.hh>

Inheritance diagram for SparcISA::SparcStaticInst:
StaticInst RefCounted SparcISA::Branch SparcISA::FailUnimplemented SparcISA::FpUnimpl SparcISA::IntOp SparcISA::Mem SparcISA::Nop SparcISA::Priv SparcISA::SparcMacroInst SparcISA::SparcMicroInst SparcISA::Trap SparcISA::Unknown SparcISA::WarnUnimplemented

Protected Member Functions

std::string generateDisassembly (Addr pc, const Loader::SymbolTable *symtab) const override
 Internal function to generate disassembly string. More...
void printSrcReg (std::ostream &os, int reg) const
void printDestReg (std::ostream &os, int reg) const
void printRegArray (std::ostream &os, const RegId indexArray[], int num) const
void advancePC (PCState &pcState) const override
size_t asBytes (void *buf, size_t size) override
 Instruction classes can override this function to return a a representation of themselves as a blob of bytes, generally assumed to be that instructions ExtMachInst. More...
 StaticInst (const char *_mnemonic, ExtMachInst _machInst, OpClass __opClass)
 Constructor. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StaticInst
 StaticInst (const char *_mnemonic, ExtMachInst _machInst, OpClass __opClass)
 Constructor. More...
template<typename T >
size_t simpleAsBytes (void *buf, size_t max_size, const T &t)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void printMnemonic (std::ostream &os, const char *mnemonic)
static void printReg (std::ostream &os, RegId reg)
static bool passesFpCondition (uint32_t fcc, uint32_t condition)
static bool passesCondition (uint32_t codes, uint32_t condition)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StaticInst
enum  { MaxInstSrcRegs = TheISA::MaxInstSrcRegs, MaxInstDestRegs = TheISA::MaxInstDestRegs }
typedef TheISA::ExtMachInst ExtMachInst
 Binary extended machine instruction type. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from StaticInst
int8_t numSrcRegs () const
 Number of source registers. More...
int8_t numDestRegs () const
 Number of destination registers. More...
int8_t numFPDestRegs () const
 Number of floating-point destination regs. More...
int8_t numIntDestRegs () const
 Number of integer destination regs. More...
int8_t numVecDestRegs () const
 Number of vector destination regs. More...
int8_t numVecElemDestRegs () const
 Number of vector element destination regs. More...
int8_t numVecPredDestRegs () const
 Number of predicate destination regs. More...
int8_t numCCDestRegs () const
 Number of coprocesor destination regs. More...
bool isNop () const
bool isMemRef () const
bool isLoad () const
bool isStore () const
bool isAtomic () const
bool isStoreConditional () const
bool isInstPrefetch () const
bool isDataPrefetch () const
bool isPrefetch () const
bool isInteger () const
bool isFloating () const
bool isVector () const
bool isCC () const
bool isControl () const
bool isCall () const
bool isReturn () const
bool isDirectCtrl () const
bool isIndirectCtrl () const
bool isCondCtrl () const
bool isUncondCtrl () const
bool isCondDelaySlot () const
bool isThreadSync () const
bool isSerializing () const
bool isSerializeBefore () const
bool isSerializeAfter () const
bool isSquashAfter () const
bool isMemBarrier () const
bool isWriteBarrier () const
bool isNonSpeculative () const
bool isQuiesce () const
bool isIprAccess () const
bool isUnverifiable () const
bool isSyscall () const
bool isMacroop () const
bool isMicroop () const
bool isDelayedCommit () const
bool isLastMicroop () const
bool isFirstMicroop () const
bool isMicroBranch () const
bool isHtmStart () const
bool isHtmStop () const
bool isHtmCancel () const
bool isHtmCmd () const
void setFirstMicroop ()
void setLastMicroop ()
void setDelayedCommit ()
void setFlag (Flags f)
OpClass opClass () const
 Operation class. Used to select appropriate function unit in issue. More...
const RegIddestRegIdx (int i) const
 Return logical index (architectural reg num) of i'th destination reg. More...
const RegIdsrcRegIdx (int i) const
 Return logical index (architectural reg num) of i'th source reg. More...
virtual ~StaticInst ()
virtual Fault execute (ExecContext *xc, Trace::InstRecord *traceData) const =0
virtual Fault initiateAcc (ExecContext *xc, Trace::InstRecord *traceData) const
virtual Fault completeAcc (Packet *pkt, ExecContext *xc, Trace::InstRecord *traceData) const
virtual void advancePC (TheISA::PCState &pcState) const =0
virtual StaticInstPtr fetchMicroop (MicroPC upc) const
 Return the microop that goes with a particular micropc. More...
virtual TheISA::PCState branchTarget (const TheISA::PCState &pc) const
 Return the target address for a PC-relative branch. More...
virtual TheISA::PCState branchTarget (ThreadContext *tc) const
 Return the target address for an indirect branch (jump). More...
bool hasBranchTarget (const TheISA::PCState &pc, ThreadContext *tc, TheISA::PCState &tgt) const
 Return true if the instruction is a control transfer, and if so, return the target address as well. More...
virtual const std::string & disassemble (Addr pc, const Loader::SymbolTable *symtab=nullptr) const
 Return string representation of disassembled instruction. More...
void printFlags (std::ostream &outs, const std::string &separator) const
 Print a separator separated list of this instruction's set flag names on the given stream. More...
std::string getName ()
 Return name of machine instruction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
 We initialize the reference count to zero and the first object to take ownership of it must increment it to one. More...
virtual ~RefCounted ()
 We make the destructor virtual because we're likely to have virtual functions on reference counted objects. More...
void incref () const
 Increment the reference count. More...
void decref () const
 Decrement the reference count and destroy the object if all references are gone. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from StaticInst
const ExtMachInst machInst
 The binary machine instruction. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from StaticInst
static StaticInstPtr nullStaticInstPtr
 Pointer to a statically allocated "null" instruction object. More...
static StaticInstPtr nopStaticInstPtr = new NopStaticInst
 Pointer to a statically allocated generic "nop" instruction object. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from StaticInst
std::bitset< Num_Flags > flags
 Flag values for this instruction. More...
OpClass _opClass
 See opClass(). More...
int8_t _numSrcRegs
 See numSrcRegs(). More...
int8_t _numDestRegs
 See numDestRegs(). More...
int8_t _numFPDestRegs
 The following are used to track physical register usage for machines with separate int & FP reg files. More...
int8_t _numIntDestRegs
int8_t _numCCDestRegs
int8_t _numVecDestRegs
 To use in architectures with vector register file. More...
int8_t _numVecElemDestRegs
int8_t _numVecPredDestRegs
RegId _destRegIdx [MaxInstDestRegs]
 See destRegIdx(). More...
RegId _srcRegIdx [MaxInstSrcRegs]
 See srcRegIdx(). More...
const char * mnemonic
 Base mnemonic (e.g., "add"). More...
std::string * cachedDisassembly
 String representation of disassembly (lazily evaluated via disassemble()). More...

Detailed Description

Base class for all SPARC static instructions.

Definition at line 87 of file static_inst.hh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ advancePC()

void SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::advancePC ( SparcISA::PCState pcState) const

◆ asBytes()

size_t SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::asBytes ( void *  buf,
size_t  max_size 

Instruction classes can override this function to return a a representation of themselves as a blob of bytes, generally assumed to be that instructions ExtMachInst.

buf is a buffer to hold the bytes. max_size is the size allocated for that buffer by the caller. The return value is how much data was actually put into the buffer, zero if no data was put in the buffer, or the necessary size of the buffer if there wasn't enough space.

Reimplemented from StaticInst.

Definition at line 110 of file static_inst.hh.

References StaticInst::machInst, and StaticInst::simpleAsBytes().

◆ generateDisassembly()

std::string SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::generateDisassembly ( Addr  pc,
const Loader::SymbolTable symtab 
) const

◆ passesCondition()

bool SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::passesCondition ( uint32_t  codes,
uint32_t  condition 

◆ passesFpCondition()

bool SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::passesFpCondition ( uint32_t  fcc,
uint32_t  condition 

◆ printDestReg()

void SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::printDestReg ( std::ostream &  os,
int  reg 
) const

◆ printMnemonic()

void SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::printMnemonic ( std::ostream &  os,
const char *  mnemonic 

◆ printReg()

void SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::printReg ( std::ostream &  os,
RegId  reg 

◆ printRegArray()

void SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::printRegArray ( std::ostream &  os,
const RegId  indexArray[],
int  num 
) const

◆ printSrcReg()

void SparcISA::SparcStaticInst::printSrcReg ( std::ostream &  os,
int  reg 
) const

◆ StaticInst()



It's important to initialize everything here to a sane default, since the decoder generally only overrides the fields that are meaningful for the particular instruction.

Definition at line 277 of file static_inst.hh.

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