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int.hh File Reference
#include <cassert>
#include "arch/arm/types.hh"
#include "base/logging.hh"
#include "sim/core.hh"

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 Reference material can be found at the JEDEC website: UFS standard UFS HCI specification


typedef IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::IntRegMap[NUM_ARCH_INTREGS]


 gem5::ArmISA::BitUnion32 (PackedIntReg) Bitfield< 31
 gem5::ArmISA::EndBitUnion (PackedIntReg) enum IntRegIndex
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_USR (unsigned index)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_HYP (unsigned index)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_SVC (unsigned index)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_MON (unsigned index)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_ABT (unsigned index)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_UND (unsigned index)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_IRQ (unsigned index)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::INTREG_FIQ (unsigned index)
static int gem5::ArmISA::intRegInMode (OperatingMode mode, int reg)
static int gem5::ArmISA::flattenIntRegModeIndex (int reg)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::makeSP (IntRegIndex reg)
static IntRegIndex gem5::ArmISA::makeZero (IntRegIndex reg)
static bool gem5::ArmISA::isSP (IntRegIndex reg)


Bitfield< 15, 0 > gem5::ArmISA::uh0
SignedBitfield< 31, 16 > gem5::ArmISA::sh1
SignedBitfield< 15, 0 > gem5::ArmISA::sh0
Bitfield< 31, 0 > gem5::ArmISA::uw
SignedBitfield< 31, 0 > gem5::ArmISA::sw
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntReg64Map
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegUsrMap
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegHypMap
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegSvcMap
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegMonMap
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegAbtMap
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegUndMap
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegIrqMap
const IntRegMap gem5::ArmISA::IntRegFiqMap
static const unsigned gem5::ArmISA::intRegsPerMode = NUM_INTREGS
const int gem5::ArmISA::ReturnValueReg = 0
const int gem5::ArmISA::ReturnValueReg1 = 1
const int gem5::ArmISA::ReturnValueReg2 = 2
const int gem5::ArmISA::NumArgumentRegs = 4
const int gem5::ArmISA::NumArgumentRegs64 = 8
const int gem5::ArmISA::ArgumentReg0 = 0
const int gem5::ArmISA::ArgumentReg1 = 1
const int gem5::ArmISA::ArgumentReg2 = 2
const int gem5::ArmISA::ArgumentReg3 = 3
const int gem5::ArmISA::FramePointerReg = 11
const int gem5::ArmISA::StackPointerReg = INTREG_SP
const int gem5::ArmISA::ReturnAddressReg = INTREG_LR
const int gem5::ArmISA::PCReg = INTREG_PC
const int gem5::ArmISA::SyscallNumReg = ReturnValueReg
const int gem5::ArmISA::SyscallPseudoReturnReg = ReturnValueReg
const int gem5::ArmISA::SyscallSuccessReg = ReturnValueReg

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