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gem5::ArmISA::PredOp Class Reference

Base class for predicated integer operations. More...

#include <pred_inst.hh>

Inheritance diagram for gem5::ArmISA::PredOp:
gem5::ArmISA::ArmStaticInst gem5::StaticInst gem5::RefCounted gem5::ArmISA::BranchImm gem5::ArmISA::BranchImmReg gem5::ArmISA::BranchReg gem5::ArmISA::BranchRegReg gem5::ArmISA::DataImmOp gem5::ArmISA::DataRegOp gem5::ArmISA::DataRegRegOp gem5::ArmISA::FpOp gem5::ArmISA::MicroOp gem5::ArmISA::MightBeMicro gem5::ArmISA::Mult3 gem5::ArmISA::PredImmOp gem5::ArmISA::PredIntOp gem5::ArmISA::PredMacroOp gem5::ArmISA::PredMicroop gem5::ImmOp gem5::McrrOp gem5::MiscRegRegImmOp gem5::MrrcOp gem5::MrsOp gem5::MsrBase gem5::RegImmImmOp gem5::RegImmOp gem5::RegImmRegOp gem5::RegImmRegShiftOp gem5::RegMiscRegImmOp gem5::RegOp gem5::RegRegImmImmOp gem5::RegRegImmOp gem5::RegRegOp gem5::RegRegRegImmOp gem5::RegRegRegOp gem5::RegRegRegRegOp gem5::UnknownOp

Protected Member Functions

 PredOp (const char *mnem, ExtMachInst _machInst, OpClass __opClass)
 Constructor. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gem5::ArmISA::ArmStaticInst
int32_t shift_rm_imm (uint32_t base, uint32_t shamt, uint32_t type, uint32_t cfval) const
int32_t shift_rm_rs (uint32_t base, uint32_t shamt, uint32_t type, uint32_t cfval) const
bool shift_carry_imm (uint32_t base, uint32_t shamt, uint32_t type, uint32_t cfval) const
bool shift_carry_rs (uint32_t base, uint32_t shamt, uint32_t type, uint32_t cfval) const
int64_t shiftReg64 (uint64_t base, uint64_t shiftAmt, ArmShiftType type, uint8_t width) const
int64_t extendReg64 (uint64_t base, ArmExtendType type, uint64_t shiftAmt, uint8_t width) const
 ArmStaticInst (const char *mnem, ExtMachInst _machInst, OpClass __opClass)
void printIntReg (std::ostream &os, RegIndex reg_idx, uint8_t opWidth=0) const
 Print a register name for disassembly given the unique dependence tag number (FP or int). More...
void printFloatReg (std::ostream &os, RegIndex reg_idx) const
void printVecReg (std::ostream &os, RegIndex reg_idx, bool isSveVecReg=false) const
void printVecPredReg (std::ostream &os, RegIndex reg_idx) const
void printCCReg (std::ostream &os, RegIndex reg_idx) const
void printMiscReg (std::ostream &os, RegIndex reg_idx) const
void printMnemonic (std::ostream &os, const std::string &suffix="", bool withPred=true, bool withCond64=false, ConditionCode cond64=COND_UC) const
void printTarget (std::ostream &os, Addr target, const loader::SymbolTable *symtab) const
void printCondition (std::ostream &os, unsigned code, bool noImplicit=false) const
void printMemSymbol (std::ostream &os, const loader::SymbolTable *symtab, const std::string &prefix, const Addr addr, const std::string &suffix) const
void printShiftOperand (std::ostream &os, RegIndex rm, bool immShift, uint32_t shiftAmt, RegIndex rs, ArmShiftType type) const
void printExtendOperand (bool firstOperand, std::ostream &os, RegIndex rm, ArmExtendType type, int64_t shiftAmt) const
void printPFflags (std::ostream &os, int flag) const
void printDataInst (std::ostream &os, bool withImm) const
void printDataInst (std::ostream &os, bool withImm, bool immShift, bool s, RegIndex rd, RegIndex rn, RegIndex rm, RegIndex rs, uint32_t shiftAmt, ArmShiftType type, uint64_t imm) const
void advancePC (PCStateBase &pcState) const override
void advancePC (ThreadContext *tc) const override
uint64_t getEMI () const override
std::unique_ptr< PCStateBasebuildRetPC (const PCStateBase &cur_pc, const PCStateBase &call_pc) const override
std::string generateDisassembly (Addr pc, const loader::SymbolTable *symtab) const override
 Internal function to generate disassembly string. More...
Fault disabledFault () const
bool isWFxTrapping (ThreadContext *tc, ExceptionLevel targetEL, bool isWfe) const
Fault softwareBreakpoint32 (ExecContext *xc, uint16_t imm) const
 Trigger a Software Breakpoint. More...
Fault advSIMDFPAccessTrap64 (ExceptionLevel el) const
 Trap an access to Advanced SIMD or FP registers due to access control bits. More...
Fault checkFPAdvSIMDTrap64 (ThreadContext *tc, CPSR cpsr) const
 Check an Advaned SIMD access against CPTR_EL2 and CPTR_EL3. More...
Fault checkFPAdvSIMDEnabled64 (ThreadContext *tc, CPSR cpsr, CPACR cpacr) const
 Check an Advaned SIMD access against CPACR_EL1, CPTR_EL2, and CPTR_EL3. More...
Fault checkAdvSIMDOrFPEnabled32 (ThreadContext *tc, CPSR cpsr, CPACR cpacr, NSACR nsacr, FPEXC fpexc, bool fpexc_check, bool advsimd) const
 Check if a VFP/SIMD access from aarch32 should be allowed. More...
Fault checkForWFxTrap32 (ThreadContext *tc, ExceptionLevel tgtEl, bool isWfe) const
 Check if WFE/WFI instruction execution in aarch32 should be trapped. More...
Fault checkForWFxTrap64 (ThreadContext *tc, ExceptionLevel tgtEl, bool isWfe) const
 Check if WFE/WFI instruction execution in aarch64 should be trapped. More...
Fault trapWFx (ThreadContext *tc, CPSR cpsr, SCR scr, bool isWfe) const
 WFE/WFI trapping helper function. More...
Fault checkSETENDEnabled (ThreadContext *tc, CPSR cpsr) const
 Check if SETEND instruction execution in aarch32 should be trapped. More...
Fault undefinedFault32 (ThreadContext *tc, ExceptionLevel el) const
 UNDEFINED behaviour in AArch32. More...
Fault undefinedFault64 (ThreadContext *tc, ExceptionLevel el) const
 UNDEFINED behaviour in AArch64. More...
Fault sveAccessTrap (ExceptionLevel el) const
 Trap an access to SVE registers due to access control bits. More...
Fault checkSveEnabled (ThreadContext *tc, CPSR cpsr, CPACR cpacr) const
 Check an SVE access against CPACR_EL1, CPTR_EL2, and CPTR_EL3. More...
CPSR getPSTATEFromPSR (ThreadContext *tc, CPSR cpsr, CPSR spsr) const
 Get the new PSTATE from a SPSR register in preparation for an exception return. More...
bool generalExceptionsToAArch64 (ThreadContext *tc, ExceptionLevel pstateEL) const
 Return true if exceptions normally routed to EL1 are being handled at an Exception level using AArch64, because either EL1 is using AArch64 or TGE is in force and EL2 is using AArch64. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gem5::StaticInst
void setRegIdxArrays (RegIdArrayPtr src, RegIdArrayPtr dest)
 Set the pointers which point to the arrays of source and destination register indices. More...
 StaticInst (const char *_mnemonic, OpClass op_class)
 Constructor. More...
template<typename T >
size_t simpleAsBytes (void *buf, size_t max_size, const T &t)

Protected Attributes

ConditionCode condCode
- Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::ArmISA::ArmStaticInst
bool aarch64
uint8_t intWidth
ExtMachInst machInst
- Protected Attributes inherited from gem5::StaticInst
std::bitset< Num_Flags > flags
 Flag values for this instruction. More...
OpClass _opClass
 See opClass(). More...
uint8_t _numSrcRegs = 0
 See numSrcRegs(). More...
uint8_t _numDestRegs = 0
 See numDestRegs(). More...
std::array< uint8_t, MiscRegClass+1 > _numTypedDestRegs = {}
const char * mnemonic
 Base mnemonic (e.g., "add"). More...
std::unique_ptr< std::string > cachedDisassembly
 String representation of disassembly (lazily evaluated via disassemble()). More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gem5::StaticInst
using RegIdArrayPtr = RegId(StaticInst::*)[]
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::ArmISA::ArmStaticInst
virtual void annotateFault (ArmFault *fault)
uint8_t getIntWidth () const
ssize_t instSize () const
 Returns the byte size of current instruction. More...
MachInst encoding () const
 Returns the real encoding of the instruction: the machInst field is in fact always 64 bit wide and contains some instruction metadata, which means it differs from the real opcode. More...
size_t asBytes (void *buf, size_t max_size) override
 Instruction classes can override this function to return a a representation of themselves as a blob of bytes, generally assumed to be that instructions ExtMachInst. More...
Fault undefined (bool disabled=false) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::StaticInst
uint8_t numSrcRegs () const
 Number of source registers. More...
uint8_t numDestRegs () const
 Number of destination registers. More...
uint8_t numDestRegs (RegClassType type) const
 Number of destination registers of a particular type. More...
bool isNop () const
bool isMemRef () const
bool isLoad () const
bool isStore () const
bool isAtomic () const
bool isStoreConditional () const
bool isInstPrefetch () const
bool isDataPrefetch () const
bool isPrefetch () const
bool isInteger () const
bool isFloating () const
bool isVector () const
bool isControl () const
bool isCall () const
bool isReturn () const
bool isDirectCtrl () const
bool isIndirectCtrl () const
bool isCondCtrl () const
bool isUncondCtrl () const
bool isSerializing () const
bool isSerializeBefore () const
bool isSerializeAfter () const
bool isSquashAfter () const
bool isFullMemBarrier () const
bool isReadBarrier () const
bool isWriteBarrier () const
bool isNonSpeculative () const
bool isQuiesce () const
bool isUnverifiable () const
bool isSyscall () const
bool isMacroop () const
bool isMicroop () const
bool isDelayedCommit () const
bool isLastMicroop () const
bool isFirstMicroop () const
bool isHtmStart () const
bool isHtmStop () const
bool isHtmCancel () const
bool isHtmCmd () const
void setFirstMicroop ()
void setLastMicroop ()
void setDelayedCommit ()
void setFlag (Flags f)
OpClass opClass () const
 Operation class. Used to select appropriate function unit in issue. More...
const RegIddestRegIdx (int i) const
 Return logical index (architectural reg num) of i'th destination reg. More...
void setDestRegIdx (int i, const RegId &val)
const RegIdsrcRegIdx (int i) const
 Return logical index (architectural reg num) of i'th source reg. More...
void setSrcRegIdx (int i, const RegId &val)
virtual ~StaticInst ()
virtual Fault execute (ExecContext *xc, trace::InstRecord *traceData) const =0
virtual Fault initiateAcc (ExecContext *xc, trace::InstRecord *traceData) const
virtual Fault completeAcc (Packet *pkt, ExecContext *xc, trace::InstRecord *trace_data) const
virtual StaticInstPtr fetchMicroop (MicroPC upc) const
 Return the microop that goes with a particular micropc. More...
virtual std::unique_ptr< PCStateBasebranchTarget (const PCStateBase &pc) const
 Return the target address for a PC-relative branch. More...
virtual std::unique_ptr< PCStateBasebranchTarget (ThreadContext *tc) const
 Return the target address for an indirect branch (jump). More...
virtual const std::string & disassemble (Addr pc, const loader::SymbolTable *symtab=nullptr) const
 Return string representation of disassembled instruction. More...
void printFlags (std::ostream &outs, const std::string &separator) const
 Print a separator separated list of this instruction's set flag names on the given stream. More...
std::string getName ()
 Return name of machine instruction. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::RefCounted
 RefCounted ()
 We initialize the reference count to zero and the first object to take ownership of it must increment it to one. More...
virtual ~RefCounted ()
 We make the destructor virtual because we're likely to have virtual functions on reference counted objects. More...
void incref () const
 Increment the reference count. More...
void decref () const
 Decrement the reference count and destroy the object if all references are gone. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from gem5::ArmISA::ArmStaticInst
static unsigned getCurSveVecLenInBits (ThreadContext *tc)
static unsigned getCurSveVecLenInQWords (ThreadContext *tc)
template<typename T >
static unsigned getCurSveVecLen (ThreadContext *tc)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from gem5::StaticInst
static StaticInstPtr nullStaticInstPtr
 Pointer to a statically allocated "null" instruction object. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from gem5::ArmISA::ArmStaticInst
template<int width>
static bool saturateOp (int32_t &res, int64_t op1, int64_t op2, bool sub=false)
static bool satInt (int32_t &res, int64_t op, int width)
template<int width>
static bool uSaturateOp (uint32_t &res, int64_t op1, int64_t op2, bool sub=false)
static bool uSatInt (int32_t &res, int64_t op, int width)
static void activateBreakpoint (ThreadContext *tc)
static uint32_t cpsrWriteByInstr (CPSR cpsr, uint32_t val, SCR scr, NSACR nsacr, uint8_t byteMask, bool affectState, bool nmfi, ThreadContext *tc)
static uint32_t spsrWriteByInstr (uint32_t spsr, uint32_t val, uint8_t byteMask, bool affectState)
static Addr readPC (ExecContext *xc)
static void setNextPC (ExecContext *xc, Addr val)
template<class T >
static T cSwap (T val, bool big)
template<class T , class E >
static T cSwap (T val, bool big)
static void setIWNextPC (ExecContext *xc, Addr val)
static void setAIWNextPC (ExecContext *xc, Addr val)

Detailed Description

Base class for predicated integer operations.

Definition at line 216 of file pred_inst.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PredOp()

gem5::ArmISA::PredOp::PredOp ( const char *  mnem,
ExtMachInst  _machInst,
OpClass  __opClass 


Definition at line 223 of file pred_inst.hh.

References gem5::ArmISA::COND_UC, condCode, and gem5::ArmISA::ArmStaticInst::machInst.

Member Data Documentation

◆ condCode

ConditionCode gem5::ArmISA::PredOp::condCode

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